Profile: Scott Ormiston

Scott Ormiston
Professor, P.Eng

B.Sc. (Manitoba), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Waterloo)

Phone: (204) 474 8639
Office: E1-484

Research Interests

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications and Methodology; Film Condensation With a Non-Condensing Gas
  • Heat Exchanger Modelling (Plate and Shell-and-Tube); Tube Bundle Flows; Free- and Mixed-Convection Flows
  • Below Grade Heat Losses from Building Foundations

Current Research Work
  • Two-Phase Modelling of Film Condensation with a Non-Condensing Gas
  • Modelling of Turbulent Cross-Flow in Tube Bundles
  • Thyristor Valve Hall Turbulent Mixed Convection Flow Modelling
  • Modelling of In-Floor Heating of Slab-on-Grade Building Foundations

  • ENG 1460 Introduction to Thermal Sciences
  • MECH 3460 Heat Transfer
  • MECH 4820 Computational Methods for Thermofluids
  • MECG 7810 Computational Thermofluids

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