Profile: Eric L. Bibeau

Eric L. Bibeau
Associate Professor, P.Eng

B.Sc. (McGill), M.Sc., Ph.D. (British Columbia)

Phone: (204) 474 7923
Office: E1-439

Research Interests

  • Innovative renewable energy technologies for distributed applications
  • Increasing the renewable energy ratio of communities

Current Research Work
  • Kinetic Turbines: High kinetic water turbines for distributed small hydro run-of-river applications
  • Anaerobic Digesters: Modeling of swine anaerobic digesters and the development of low costs distributed systems
  • Wind Icing: Icing of wind turbine blades to mitigate its effect on wind farms operating in cold weather climates
  • BioPower and Waste Heat: New biomass and waste heat conversion technologies for distributed generation using advanced cycles tailored for the distributed biopower market
  • PHEV: Dynamic modeling of PHEV
  • District Energy Systems: District heating and cooling from biomass, solar and geothermal

  • MECH 4692 Renewable Energy
  • MECG 7470 Topics in Heat Transfer 2: Renewable Energy

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