Manufacturing and Production

The faculty in the Manufacturing and Production Group is concerned with: the design and operation of automated systems and control systems; and planning, design and operation of production, services and socio-technical systems. Active research is performed in Teleoperation and Robotics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Virtual Design and Manufacturing, Manufacturing Systems Modeling and Simulation, Process Development and Modeling, and Robotics. The faculty members with their research interests are listed below.

S. (Bala) Balakrishnan

  • Computer Assisted Industrial Engineering
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Robotics

Matt Khoshdarregi

  • Advanced Manufacturing, Machining Systems
  • Industrial Robotics and Automation
  • Precision Control Systems

Qingjin Peng

  • Integrated CAD/CAPP/CAM systems
  • Virtual Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering
  • System Modeling and Simulation

Norman L. Richards

  • Manufacturing Process, Process Development and Modelling
  • Forming and Joining of Metals
  • Mechanical Properties and Repair of Gas Turbine Alloys

Nariman Sepehri

  • Teleoperation and Robotics
  • Control Systems, Systems Modelling and Identification
  • Actuators and Fluid Power