Communication Devices Focus Area

(Formerly Wireless Communication Devices Area)

This subject area focuses on devices and components used in wireless communication systems. Applications include personal communication systems, wireless devices, vehicular and aircraft communications and radar, satellite systems, and remote sensing and sub-surface imaging. Topics range from fiber optics, lasers, antenna systems, microwave circuitry, and microelectronic devices.


To complete the Communication Devices Focus the three (3) prescribed courses must be taken. Two (2) of the five Communication Devices Technical Elective Courses must also be taken. To complete the program requirements, two (2) additional courses must be selected from the elective courses listed in the Electrical Engineering Standard Program.

Prescribed Communication Devices Technical Elective Courses (All are required)

Communication Devices Elective Courses (2 required)

acrobat Communication Devices Focus Area Summary and Flowchart

Effective May 2019