Course Registration FAQ
The following are answers to common questions relating to course registration for Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering students.

Can I repeat a course that I have previously taken?

If you have received a passing grade (C or better) in a course, then that course may not be repeated.

I need to repeat a course I failed or VW'd, but Aurora won't let me register.

The Limited Access Policy places a restriction on when students may register to repeat a failed/VW'd course.

– If you have failed/VW'd the course in the past three (3) terms (i.e. in the past 12 months) then you must wait until the Limited Access Expiry Date before Aurora will allow you to register for that course. This policy is strictly enforced and no exceptions will be made.

Limited Access Expiry Dates are:
• August 9th, 2019 for Fall 2019 courses, and;
• December 2nd, 2019 for Winter 2020 courses.

– If you have failed/VW'd the course more than three (3) terms ago (i.e. more than 12 months ago) then you may contact the ECE Undergraduate Advisor for a Limited Access Override.

I can't register in an ECE course because Aurora says the space is reserved.

Space in some ECE technical elective courses is initially restricted to students pursuing a Focus Area that includes that course. Unused reserved space is made available to other students later in the registration period.

For 2019–2020, all reserved space on campus is released on August 7th, 2019. You may register on or after that date for any available space that remains. (If the course appears full at that time, see the answer to the next question below.)

I want to register for an ECE course but there is no space in the lecture/laboratory.

If you can't register for an ECE course because the lecture or laboratory section is full, you may request space in that course by adding yourself to the ECE Course Waitlist. It is our experience that the majority of space requests through the Waitlist are accomodated.

For non-ECE courses, the department offering the course my offer a waitlist in Aurora.

In either case, DO NOT contact the instructor of the course to request space. Instructors do not have the ability to add space to a course.

The Registrar's Office sets the initial size of lecture sections based on passed course enrollment, while the size of laboratory sections for ECE courses are set by the department based on the capacity of the laboratory rooms and the equipment in them. 

I am missing a prerequisite for a course, can I still register?

If you have never attempted the prerequisite course or attempted it but VW'd, then you may not register for a following course that requires that prerequisite.

If you have attempted the prerequisite but failed it, you can make a request to the instructor of the course which requires that prerequisite for permission to register. If he/she agree, you must then complete the Special Permission Form and get the instructor to sign it. Once completed, submit the form to the ECE Office for consideration. Note that the ECE Office must also approve the request before an override will be granted.

I am attempting to register for a course which has STAT 2220 as a prerequisite, but I completed STAT 1000 and STAT 2000 instead. Can I still take that course?

Yes, the combination of STAT 1000 and STAT 2000 is accepted as an alternative to STAT 2220. Contact the ECE Undergraduate Advisor for a Prerequisite Waiver.

Do I need to select a Focus Area as part of my Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering program?

No. Choosing a Focus Area is not mandatory. Students may decide to follow the standard program without choosing a Focus Area or may choose a Focus Area that interests them. In either case, the number of courses needed to complete the degree does not change.

Students who complete a Focus Area will have that noted on their transcript, which they may then draw attention to when applying for subsequent employment.  The Focus Area designation simply recognizes that the selection of elective courses form a reasonable focus on a specific subject area. 

How do I add a Focus Area and/or Minor?

If you have not yet registered for courses for the upcoming year, you can self-declare a Focus Area or a Minor through Aurora. Login to Aurora and under the "Enrolment and Academic Records" tab, choose "Declare Concentration" (for selecting a Focus Area) or "Declare Minor" and follow the prompts that appear.

If you have already started your registration, then you will have to contact the ECE Undergraduate Advisor to add the Focus Area / Minor. Complete the Focus Area and Minor Declaration Form and submit it to the ECE Office for processing.

Advanced Registration opens July 8th, 2019.
Regular Registration opens July 18th, 2019.

Consult Aurora for your registration time.

The ECE Course Waitlist opens on
August 8th, 2019 at 9:00am.