Biomedical Focus Area

This information describes the Biomedical Focus Area for students in the Computer Engineering program. If you are an Electrical Engineering student, please see the Biomedical Focus Area page for that program.

This subject area focuses on the application of engineering techniques to medicine and life sciences. Biomedical Engineers advance medical technology by developing instrumentation and methods of diagnosis of diseases, models of biological mechanisms, prosthetic devices, rehabilitation techniques, imaging systems, and improvement of patient healthcare.


To complete the Biomedical Focus the three (3) prescribed courses must be taken. In addition, one (1) of the three Biomedical Group A Elective courses must be taken, and a further course from either the Biomedical Group A or Biomedical Group B Elective courses must be taken. To complete the program requirements, two (2) additional courses must be selected from the elective courses listed in the Computer Engineering Standard Program.

Prescribed Biomedical Courses (All are required)

  • ECE 4610 Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Processing
  • BIOL 1410 Anatomy of the Human Body
  • PHYS 2600 Electromagnetic Field Theory

Biomedical Group A Elective Courses * (1 required)

  • ECE 4860 Biomedical Optics
  • PHYS 3220 Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement
  • PHYS 4300 Microfluidics for Biology

Biomedical Group B Elective Courses *

  • BIOL 1412 Physiology of the Human Body
  • MBIO 1220 Essentials of Microbiology
  • BIOE 3320 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials
  • BIOE 4610 Design of Assistive Technology Devices

* One course must be selected from Group A, with a second course selected from either Group A or Group B.

acrobat Biomedical Focus Area Summary and Flowchart

Admission into the Faculty of Medicine

This focus area may be of particular interest to students wishing to pursue post-graduate studies in medicine. For specific information on application to the College of Medicine, please consult the Max Rady College of Medicine section of the General Calendar.

Effective May 2019