Software Engineering Focus Area

This subject area involves the analysis, design, and implementation software systems.


To complete the Software Engineering Focus the prescribed course must be taken. Three (3) of the eight Software Engineering Technical Elective courses must also be taken. To complete the program requirements, one (1) additional courses must be selected from the elective courses listed in the Computer Engineering Standard Program.

Prescribed Software Engineering Course (required)

  • COMP 3350 Software Engineering 1

Software Engineering Technical Elective Courses (3 required) 

  • ECE 3750 Systems Engineering Principles 2
  • ECE 4530 Parallel Processing
  • COMP 3010 Distributed Computing
  • COMP 3020 Human-Computer Interaction 1
  • COMP 3380 Databases: Concepts and Usage
  • COMP 4350 Software Engineering 2
  • COMP 4580 Computer Security
  • COMP 4710 Introduction to Data Mining

acrobat Software Engineering Focus Area Summary and Flowchart

Effective January 2016