GSA: Graduate Student Assoc. (ECE)

The purpose of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student's Association (ECE-GSA) chapter is to operate as a complementary organization of the GSA in support of graduate students from the ECE department, despite its operational independence from both the GSA and the ECE department.


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ECE-GSA Constitution (pdf)



Nozhan Bayat

Name:       Nozhan Bayat
Position:   President and GSA Councillor
Current Research Area:
              Electromagnetic inversion for biomedical imaging, antenna characterization, and sea ice remote sensing applications
Advisor:    Dr. Puyan Mojabi





Pedram Mojabi

Name:        Pedram Mojabi
Position:     Vice-President and ECE Councillor 
Current Research Area:
              Ultrasound Tomography: An Inverse Scattering Approach
Advisor:      Dr. Joe LoVetri






Mehrdad Mehrjoo

Name:        Mehrdad Mehrjoo
Position:    Treasurer 
Current Research Area:
              Using Machine Learning Method For Wind Energy Reliability
Advisors:    Dr. Miroslaw Pawlak & Dr. Mohammad Jafari Jozani