EXTRA COURSE REGISTRATION: Auxillary, Audit, & Occcasional (Course Category)


S = Standard Courses: These courses are approved by the Academic Advisor and also may need the approval of the Advisory Committee.  These courses are standard or required for the student's program

AX = Auxiliary Course: is not a major requirement of the student's degree program, but is required by the student’s advisor. *

AU = Audit Course: is not taken for credit. No grade is recorded. **

OS = Occasional Course: is not a requirement of the program. ***

Changes in course classifications are regarded as course/program changes and may not be made without approval nor may be made after the deadline dates for course changes.

Students registering through the Aurora should add only those courses that are a Major course (M) in their program. Courses with “AX”, “AU”, “C”, or “OS” status must be added by the department.

Courses taken as “AX”, “AU”, or “OS”

  1. must be added by the student's home department AND
  2. approved by the student's
    1. Academic Advisor
    2. Co-Advisor
    3. Department Head, and
    4. Faculty of Graduate Studies

* AX:  Extra courses which are not actually part of the Master’s or Ph.D. program but which are specified and required by the student’s advisor , may be classified as AX (Auxiliary) and the grade will not be included in the degree GPA which appears on the transcript. However,

  1. GPA TO REMAIN IN THE GRADUATE PROGRAM:  AX course grades may be used in the calculation of the GPA for continuation in the program and a minimum grade requirement may be required for AX coursework by the Department.
    (Please consult the Departmental supplemental regulations.)
    1. GPA for Awards  AX courses are used in the calculation of the GPA for the purposes of Admission and Awards.
      (NOTE: The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) and International Graduate Student Scholarship (IGSS) use AX courses in the calculation of the GPA.)
    2. Degree GPA:  AX course grades are not calculated into the student's Degree GPA
    3. AX courses appear on the student's transcripts.
  3. APPROVAL:  The student’s advisor AND head of the unit must determine if there is a valid need for the registration in courses under the AX classification.
  4. MAXIMUM CREDITS:  A maximum of 12-credit hours under the AX course classification is permitted while registered in agiven program. 
  5. TRANSCRIPTS:  Auxiliary Courses and their Grades appear on the student's transcripts


** AU:  Graduate students auditing courses must register for the course(s) and will be charged a fee equal to one half of the fee normally associated with that course.

  1. PURPOSE:  Auditing students are those admitted for the purpose of attending one or more courses for personal or professional interest, and not for any academic credit
  2. TRANSCRIPTS:  No documentation other than the information requested in the application form is required for admission. The course does not appear on the student's transcripts.
  3. COURSE CREDITS:  Auditing students are not entitled to examination or other evaluation privileges, and in no instance may credit standing be obtained for a course which has been audited.
  4. APPROVAL:  Students require the permisssions of
    1. Academic Advisor
    2. Co-Advisor
    3. Department Head, and
    4. Faculty of Graduate Studies
  5. Once admitted, the written consent of the instructor of the course(s) which the student wishes to audit must be presented at the time of registration for approval by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


*** OS:  Occasional Courses are courses taken by graduate students which are EXTRA or OUTSIDE of courses approved for the student's degree program or research.

    1. These courses are classified as "OS" OR "O" (occasional) under "Course Category." 
    2. Registration must be done by the Department
    1. Courses appear on the student's transcripts
    2. Grades are NOT calculated into the student's Degree GPA
    3. Grades ARE calculated into the student's CGPA
  3. COSTS: Students are assessed the appropriate undergraduate fees based on the teaching department for EACH course taken.
  4. FEE TRANSFER: Fees paid for such courses are not transferable to a degree program at a later date.
    1. Academic Advisor
    2. Co-Advisor
    3. Department Head