Procedure for Student Access to Examinations

Section 2.21 of the University Procedures on Final Examinations requires that examination papers (scripts) be made available for review by students in the presence of the course instructor or designate. This access is provided to allow students the opportunity to review their answers and the grades assigned to individual questions.

For courses within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the following process should be followed to access examination papers:

  1. Students should contact the course instructor to make arrangements to view the examination paper at a mutually agreeable time;
  2. In the event that the instructor is unavailable, or when suitable viewing arrangements can not be agreed upon, students may contact the ECE Department Office to arrange access to the examination.

NOTE: Instructors are not obliged to discuss the examination, the assignment of grades, or to provide solutions to examination questions. The examination must be viewed in the presence of the instructor (or designate). No portion of the examination paper may be removed from the viewing area.

In the event that an error is discovered in the summation of examination marks, this discrepancy should be brought to the attention of the instructor for correction. Any concerns relating to the grading process or the marks awarded must be dealt with via a formal Appeal of Final Grades through the Registrar's Office.