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The University of Manitoba Innovative Design for Engineering Applications Program (IDEA) is an initiative created by the University of Manitoba’s Price Faculty of Engineering to involve the local engineering industry with the education and training of engineering students. In their final year, these students must take a design course in which they are to design and develop solutions to projects submitted by industry. The Program itself is student-led, allowing the faculty to offer projects that accurately reflect student interest.

For more information on the Program, please refer to this short PowerPoint presentation.

Be sure to review our five-step process below!





IDEA staff may reach out to industry partners if they have been previously involved in the program. Alternatively, IDEA staff may be reached via phone or email.

Over phone or email, IDEA staff will answer program questions and provide feedback on initial ideas.

Abby Koch        204-474-7205    
Program Manager E1-268C
Grace Capar 204-955-1471  
Program Coordinator E1-268D






Once a potential project has been identified by the industry partner, a meeting will be set up with IDEA staff.

Project scope, student workload, and learning outcomes will deem if a project is appropriate for the program. Examples of previous projects can be found here. Often, a tour of the company site is helpful to observe the problem area discussed.



During the meeting, IDEA staff and the company sponsor will draft an application together. After the meeting, the draft will be sent back to the company for final review.

Company approval of the draft will indicate a submitted project to the program. Templates of the mechanical and biosystems applications are linked here.

Submitted projects will be evaluated by both IDEA staff and the Capstone course instructor. The submission deadline is the last Friday of July in any given year.


Once a project has been accepted into the course, the company sponsor will be notified by email with a funding agreement attached. The funding agreement requires 3 signatures:

  1. Industry partner

  2. Course instructor

  3. Dean of engineering




A fully executed funding agreement will be processed by IDEA staff and an invoice will be generated by the UofM Design Office for $1750.00. 










The mission of the UofM IDEA Program is to work collaboratively with local companies to develop Capstone design projects for University of Manitoba engineering students to complete during their final year.  We aid industry partners to identify and scope suitable projects, prepare necessary application forms, and assist with legal aspects of the collaborations. We also provide additional support to the Price Faculty of Engineering through the relationships we build with industry partners to aid in the students’ professional development and networking, as well as assist in various other capacities to foster an excellence in engineering education.