Engineer-in-Residence: Daniel Card

Office: E3 - 575 EITC

Telephone: 204-474-6562

Education & Qualifications

  • B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba.


Daniel Card is a professional engineer with over forty years of experience in the design and development of digital communications systems, electromagnetics, computer hardware, energy conservation systems and electronic teaching projects. This experience was obtained in the telecommunications, computer products, energy management, and educational sectors. He has worked as a computer programmer, a depreciation engineer, an equipment engineer, and a microwave transmission engineer in the telecommunications industry. In the computer products industry, he has held various roles including senior design engineer, advanced technology manager, director of engineering, and director of Canadian operations. In the energy management industry, he worked as a performance contract engineer and most recently as a research engineer in the education sector. He has been named a Unisys Quality Champion, received three Unisys Awards for Excellence, holds three patents in computer design, and has received the Premier of Manitoba’s Award for Design Excellence.

As an engineer-in-residence, Daniel Card:

  • Develops and delivers design projects for Electronics 2E (ECE2160) and Electronics 3E (ECE3670)
  • Participates in the development and delivery of the capstone design course in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE4600).
  • Advises the SAE-Formula Electric design competition team.  


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