Engineer-in-Residence: James Dietrich

Office: E3-575 EITC
Telephone: 204-474-7973

Education & Qualifications

  • B.Sc., M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba.


James Dietrich is a professional engineer and brings 25 years of engineering experience in microsystems fabrication and testing. Most recently, he has worked as a RF Test Engineer while managing the Advanced RF Systems Lab, and as a Microsystems Engineer, Integrated Circuit and MEMS Fabrication Engineer with CMC Microsystems Inc. since 2004. In that role, he has led projects at the interface of industry and university as well as within both sectors nationally and internationally. James has also taught in the Electrical & Computer Engineering curriculum at the University of Manitoba, and has co-supervised and examined capstone projects for a number of years.

As an engineer-in-residence in Electrical & Computer Engineering, James Dietrich will
• Provide technical support to capstone project teams;
• Work with instructors in the Electrical Engineering design spine courses to ensure
ongoing development and consistency;
• Support faculty members in developing smaller design spines that will strengthen the
emphasis on design content in the senior electromagnetism and circuits courses.