About the Centre

The University of Manitoba is offering its fall term courses in a remote / online format.  No in-person classes are scheduled (with very few exceptions).  Teaching assistant and sessional instructor needs will continue to be posted in UM Careers.


The Centre for Engineering Professional Practice & Engineering Education is an academic Centre in the Price Faculty of Engineering, University of Manitoba. 
The Centre views student learning in professional skills and design abilities as core technical and leadership competencies essential for their diverse future roles in the engineering profession and the community. Accordingly, the Centre collaborates with departments in the Price Faculty of Engineering and develops and delivers professional practice and design curricula, drawing on the scholarship of teaching & learning in engineering and educational collaboration with industry partners. 
The Centre will be a community recognized for leadership, innovation, expertise, and partnerships in the pursuit of engineering education excellence. 
• To view design as a set of knowledge, skills and values that are mutually technical and practical, and which encompass professional values, including leadership and ethics. Design knowledge and skills are not confined to a single engineering discipline, but rather are at the core of all engineering disciplines.
• To recognize that the knowledge and skills required for professional engineering practice are always changing as the world changes, and to reflect this evolution in the curriculum. 
• To focus on strengths and impact of the Centre while  maintaining its history of agility and a willingness to incubate new ideas and approaches.
• To be a community that values and connects members with diverse educational and professional backgrounds, contributions, and goals.
• To serve as a focal point in the Price Faculty of Engineering in the ongoing innovation of professional practice teaching & learning, and to enhance the capacity of the departments in design teaching & learning.   
• To partner with the departments and programs in the Price Faculty of Engineering toward mutual goals in design and professional practice learning, including innovation through new opportunities and support for interdisciplinary or interdepartmental efforts.
• To nurture existing and grow new industry partnerships to enhance the undergraduate educational experience.
• To develop opportunities for graduate-level study in engineering education in the Price Faculty of Engineering and produce rigorous engineering education research that drives the scholarship of engineering teaching & learning in Canada.




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