Research Grants Facilitator

The University of Manitoba has embarked upon a new initiative to provide research facilitation services for academic researchers in all disciplines. Dr. Dustin Lippert has joined the Price Faculty of Engineering as a Research Facilitator and is available to all researchers to answer questions and provide assistance with the preparation of grants or with submission procedures.

Services provided include:

  • Providing mentorship and assistance at all stages of application or proposal development.
  • Editing and critical review of grant applications and proposals. Feedback can be provided on research content and its fit with funder objectives, clarity of presentation, fit with University/Faculty strategic research plans, various proposal components (feasibility, budget, etc.), and addressing comments from past reviews. Can also assist in locating expert reviewers.
  • Assistance with award nominations and researcher recognition.
  • Acting as a liaison between researchers, the Office of Research Services, the office of VP (Research and International), funding agencies, industry and other institutions.

Contact Information:
Dustin Lippert
Grants Facilitator
Phone: (204) 318-2914 | Fax: (204) 275-3773
Email | E3-373 Engineering & Information Technology Complex