Student Groups
Faculty of Education Students are represented by:

Education Student Council (EdSC)

The EdSC is an important part of the Faculty of Education student experience. They provide:

Education Graduate Student’s Association (EdGSA)

The Education Graduate Student’s Association (EdGSA) represents the interests of graduate students in the Faculty of Education—both within the faculty, and the university at large. The mission of EdGSA is to mobilize students and advocate for graduate student priorities as identified by its members.

The current EdGSA executive includes:

President: Heather Krepski
VP Communications: Gustavo Henrique da Cunha Moura & Joanne Struch (interim)
VP Finance: Taylor Ellis & Tyler Kelsch
VP Academic Advocacy: Koe Yoshino & Erica Hildebrand
Secretaries: Chelsea Jalloh & Karla Costa
MEd Representatives: Trevor Lehmann & Cecilia Mendelez de la Pena
PhD Representatives: Md Shayeekh-Us Saleheen & Hyekyung (Kay) Song

Contact the EdGSA:

Education Student Council Professional Development (PD) Sessions

PD sessions will be offered on Wednesdays throughout the fall and winter terms. Topics will include relevant educational issues and supporting resources to assist your knowledgebase as an educator. These events are designed for Bachelor of Education students, however other University of Manitoba students, faculty members, and staff are welcome to attend.

Contact the EdSC

Phone: 204-474-6452
Fax: 204-474-7551
(Mark all faxes "Attention EdSC")

Student Council Office
RM 320 Education Bldg
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2

EdSC 2018 - 2019 Representatives

Elvina Mukhamedshina    
Senior Stick

Nicole Barry     
Vice-Stick Internal

Alexis Hampe    
Vice-Stick External

Salina Wall    

Patricia Amador

Christine Cooper    
EdCon Coordinator

Priya Kaushal    
EdCon Coordinator

Taylor Martin    
Community Service Rep

Christie Durston    
Community Service Rep

Sabrina Ferraz    

Katy Hueging    
Social Events Coordinator

Pritpal Sandhu    
Social Events Coordinator

Lisa Huang    

Alexandria Townsend    

Meaghan Proulx    
Grad Chairperson

Emma Curry    
Grad Chairperson

Derrick Martens    
Student Senator

Patricia Amador    
Middle Years Rep.

Ariel Griffith    
Senior Years Rep.

Kristin Flattery    
Indigenous TC Rep.

Whit Lodge-Zaparnick    
ARC Rep.