M.Ed. Application Procedures

The information listed below is an overview of the Master of Education application procedures. For more detailed information see the Graduate Academic Calendar & Catalog for the department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL), and the department of Educational Administration, Foundations and Psychology (EAF&P).

Table of Contents & Shortcuts to Application Procedure Information

Admission Deadline and Document Requirements

M.Ed. specialization application deadlines vary. Application deadlines and required application documentation are found within the specialization.

Application Deadlines change frequently for all specializations and are different for international students.

Admission to many of the University of Manitoba, Master of Education specializations are competitive, therefore it is essential that all required documents for your application be submitted completed and submitted by the deadline date.

Applicants are asked to note their preferred supervisor (Graduate Program Advisor) on their application form. See each M.Ed. specialization for a complementary list of Graduate Program Advisors.


Specializations & Departments

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers specializations in:
Language and Literacy
Second Language Education
Studies in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Every applicant must meet the admission requirements outlined in the Academic Calendar & Catalog to be admitted into a CTL specialization.

Educational Administration, Foundations and Psychology (EAF&P) offers specializations in:
Adult and Post-Secondary Education
Counselling Psychology
Cross-cultural, Sociological, and Philosophical Foundations of Education

Educational Administration
Inclusive Education

Every applicant must meet the admission requirements outlined in the Academic Calendar & Catalog to be admitted into an EAF&P specialization.

Choose your route to a Master of Education

 Students can complete a M.Ed. via a thesis-based route or a course-based route.

Students who choose the Thesis-Based Route must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours. This route includes 6 credit hours of core courses (9 credit hours for Second Language Education), 6 credit hours of research courses, and 6 credit hours of courses that reflect their area of thesis concentration (3 credit hours for Second Language Education). An oral defense of the thesis culminates the student’s program.

Students who choose the Course-Based Route must normally complete 9 credit hours of core courses, 3 credit hours of research courses, 12 credit hours in their area of subject concentration, and 6 credit hours of electives.  Students in the course-based route also have to complete a comprehensive exam or a project, which usually culminates with an oral defense of the document.

Distance Education

Although we do offer a few M.Ed. courses by independent study and a few courses via the Web (distance delivery), our graduate programs cannot be completed through distance education alone. For more information speak with an academic advisor.

Performance and Time Requirement

 Students registered in the M.Ed. program:

  • Must complete all program requirements within a six-year time limit and courses cannot be more than eight years old at degree completion date;
  • are required to maintain an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (B), with no individual course grade below 2.5 (C+);
  • are required to maintain an active registration in the program for the duration of his/her studies; and
  • are required to meet with his/her Graduate Program Advisor at least once a year, and to participate in the completion of a progress report.

Transfer of Credit

The granting of advance credit is subject to the regulation of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and must be approved by the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning or the Department of Educational Administration, Foundations and Psychology in the Faculty of Education.

Application Submission

Applications to the M.Ed. are submitted online.

If you have questions regarding the submission of your application the following FAQ is very helpful

If you have questions following review of the FAQ contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies: (204) 474-9377 or e-mail: graduate_admissions@umanitoba.ca

Speak with an Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor Schedule
Advisors are available for limited drop-in & phone-in hours. To make an appointment see the Academic Advisor schedule.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

(204) 474-7886
1-800-432-1960 (extension 7886 toll free in Manitoba)


What to bring to your academic advisor meeting

  • Bring all copies of your academic transcripts
    University of Manitoba transcripts are available through the Registrar's Office or view your program history on Aurora Student
  • Bring a list of questions for your academic advisor meeting after reviewing the available M.Ed. program information online.
All visits are confidential. Please disclose as much information about your situation as possible to receive the maximum support by the Faculty of Education Academic Advisors.