Developmental Studies Minor for Early or Middle Year Programs

In August 2009,  a Minor in Developmental Studies was approved for application to the B. Ed. Program's Early and Middle Years streams.

Below is a list of courses that are acceptable towards a Minor in Developmental Studies for application to the B.Ed. Program,

FMLY 1010 Human Development in the Family
FMLY 1020 Family Issues across the Lifespan
FMLY 2350 Multicultural Family Issues
FMLY 2400 Family Financial Health
FMLY 2600 Foundations of Childhood Developmental Health
FMLY 2900 Families, Housing and Community: A Development Perspective
FMLY 3220 Death and the Family
FMLY 3330 Parenting and Developmental Health
FMLY 3240 Families in Later Years
FMLY 3600 Adolescents in Families and Society
FMLY 3610 Developmental Health of Children and Youth
FMLY 3780 Introduction to the Development of Programs for Children and Families
FMLY 3800 Conflict Resolution in the Family
FMLY 4330 Management of Family Stress
FMLY 4600 Risk and Resilience in Behavioral and Social Development
FMLY 4470 and FMLY 4800
  As these are both "topics" courses, applicants are required to provide
a course outline to verify the "developmental" component 
PSYC 2290 Child Development
PSYC 2310 Adolescent Development
PSYC 2370 Developmental Psychology from Adolescence to Old Age
PSYC 2460 Dyadic Relations
PSYC 3580 Language and Thought
PSYC 3450 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 4600 This is a "topics" course. Applicants are required to program
a course outline to verify the "developmental" component.






















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