Dr. Michelle Honeyford


Acting Director School Experiences Office
Assistant Professor

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

(204) 474-7243
Room 286 Education Building

Manitoba Writing Project
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Dr. Honeyford began her career in education as an English language arts teacher; she has taught ELA in grades 7-12 on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border. Her career also spans several years as a research associate for an educational research and consulting firm, where she directed research projects in literacy, technology, and the arts. Her dissertation, Writing for Cultural Citizenship: Literacy, Identity, and the Teaching of Latino Immigrant Youth, was an ethnographic case study of the multimodal writing of immigrant middle-school students in an EAL classroom. As a member of a language-and-literacy area group, Dr. Honeyford’s research interests focus on understanding how learning is mediated by students’ cultural identities and how ways of knowing and learning privileged in schools can be expanded to include and represent diverse youth more effectively, particularly through new media, multi-literacies, and critical inquiry. She is actively involved in CanU, an afterschool program for middle-school students at the U of M, and she is the co-director of the Manitoba Writing Project, a professional learning network for K-12 educators interested in collaborative inquiries in writing for social justice and human rights.

2010 – PhD, Indiana University
1999 – MEd, Grand Valley State University
1994 – BA, Calvin College

Areas of Specialization
English language arts
Transcultural literacies & immigrant identities
Digital media, visual literacies & multimodality
Critical literacy & inquiry
Adolescent literacies
Disciplinary literacies
Practitioner inquiry
Qualitative & post-qualitative research
Critical & multimodal discourse analysis

Research Interests
Expanding conceptions of literacy in local and global contexts
Developing an interdisciplinary network for educators to connect and create multimodal writing projects for social justice and human rights
Contributing to culturally sustaining pedagogies in education
Collaborating to create learning spaces for critical and transformative learning (e.g., after-school spaces, writing centres, international networks)