About the Faculty of Education

Teachers have a powerful influence on the lives of their students.

At the U of M, you will develop valuable teaching skills through small learning groups and working directly with students in a classroom setting.

There are a number of inner-city, rural and international practicum opportunities that will help you make a difference in your students’ lives.

Gain new perspective on life in the North through our northern practicum experiences that allow you to become part of a community where you will live, work and play.


The mission of the Faculty of Education is to enhance the study and practice of education through teaching, research, scholarship and service.

The Faculty of Education will be recognized as a leader in education for its contributions to teaching, research, scholarship and service. We will continue to provide students, faculty and staff with diverse learning experiences and support their professional growth and well-being. The Faculty will be known as a place for inquiry and innovation designed to encourage ongoing critical dialogue and action regarding education and learning across the lifespan. In pursuing this vision we will foster respect, reciprocity, relationships, and responsibility amongst all members of the University community and beyond.

Bachelor of Education Program
Our Bachelor of Education (BEd) program provides beginning teachers with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to develop the dispositions needed to be ethically responsible professionals in an ever-changing teaching and learning environment. BEd students benefit from a stream-based program, strong university/school partnerships, international course offerings, opportunities to participate in professional/academic conferences, and co-curricular activities.

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education Program
The Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education (PBDE) is a flexible, 30-credit-hour program, that provides ongoing professional development for practicing teachers and administrators in many high priority areas such as advances in new curriculum, educational leadership, teaching English as an additional language, school counselling and teaching in inclusive classrooms. Although a diploma program unto itself, for some students, the PBDE also serves as a ‘springboard’ to the Master of Education program.

Graduate Programs
Our graduate programs provide experienced educators and other professionals with the opportunity to engage in advanced practice and research in a wide variety of areas in curriculum, teaching and learning and educational administration, foundations and psychology. Master of Education (MEd) programs are either thesis- or course-based and the PhD program is offered to cohorts in specific areas or as an individualized program through the ‘ad hoc’ route.

Faculty of Education Strategic Plan 2013-2018