On-campus resources to support student academic success

The Academic Learning Centre

The Academic Learning Centre (ALC) has learning specialists who can help address issues such as time management, learning strategies, and test-taking strategies. Academic Learning Centre services are free for U of M students. For more information, please visit the Academic Learning Centre website at: http://umanitoba.ca/student/academiclearning/
The Academic Learning Centre can also be reached by calling 204-480-1481 or by visiting 201 Tier Building.  Some of the specific ALC services that may of particular interest and relevance to BEd students are highlighted below.

Writing tutor

The ALC offers a writing tutor service where students can meet one-on-one with a writing tutor who can offer feedback at any stage of the writing process, whether students are just beginning to work on a written assignment or already have a draft. If you are interested in meeting with a writing tutor, reserve your appointment two to three days in advance of the time you would like to meet. Also, plan to meet with a writing tutor a few days before your paper is due so that you have time to work with the tutor’s feedback. If time or distance prevent a face-to-face meeting, papers can be submitted online for feedback. Please allow sufficient time for a tutor to respond ahead of the assignment due date. Click here for more information.


The ALC offers free workshops and events for students to facilitate their academic success. Workshop topics include writing, study skills, exam preparation, and some online workshops.
Further information can be found here.

Resources devoted to writing

The ALC has a number of resources and handouts designed to assist students in the writing process.
Writing centre websites recommended by ALC, with numerous resources and advice files, may be found at this link.
ALC-created advice files about a range of topics, from avoiding redundancy in academic writing, to writing an academic paper, to reviewing your work, can be found here.
ALC-created advice files about grammar issues (e.g., punctuation, sentence structure) may be found at this link. These issues are important not just for polishing your own academic work, but also for developing language awareness to support your students with their writing and editing processes.

Resources for multilingual students

The multilingual student resources webpage, housed within the ALC website, supports students whose first language is not English and assists them in their academic and language development.
Here is the link for further information.

Time management

The ALC provides students with tips and guidelines on how to manage their time and schedules effectively.
For more information visit this webpage.

Study skills resources

The ALC offers a number of resources to help learners enhance their study skills. Resources include advice related to exam/test-taking, reading, learning and memory, and note taking.
Visit this link for more information:

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

SAS provides support and advocacy for students with disabilities, such as: hearing, injury-related, learning, mental health, medical, physical, visual or temporary disabilities. They act as a liaison between students, faculty, staff and service agencies.
Fort Garry Campus (Main office) 

520 University Centre

Phone: 204-474-7423

Fax: 204-474-7567



University of Manitoba Libraries (UML)

The Education Librarian is Kyle Feenstra, a vital resource person to assist with the process of conducting research for your academic assignments and practicum preparation. Located at the Elizabeth Dafoe library, he can be contacted by email or phone, and is also available to meet with students in-person.
Mr. Feenstra has compiled an Education library guide with information and resources.
An overview of the Education Collection at Elizabeth Dafoe Library may be found here
When working remotely, students can also receive help online, via the Ask-a-Librarian chat found on the Libraries’ homepage.  
You can also contact the University of Manitoba Libraries by visiting 25 Chancellors Circle or calling 204-474-9881.

Undergraduate section of UML

The undergraduate section of UML offers useful information regarding locating good sources, borrowing from the library, and subject specific assistance.
For more information visit the this website.

References and citations

UML also provides students with resources on how to cite sources and create reference lists.  Education uses the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide.
Further information at this link.

Copyright Resources and Support

All students are required to respect copyright as per Canada’s Copyright Act. Staff and students play a key role in the university’s copyright compliance as we balance user rights for educational purposes with the rights of content creators from around the world. The Copyright Office provides copyright resources and support for all members of the University of Manitoba community. Click here for more information.