WestCAST 2017

WestCAST: Western Canadian Association for Student Teaching Conference

When: Feb. 16 & 17, 2017 (NOT during Reading Week) and travel likely on Feb. 15

Where: Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Theme: MOVING FORWARD: Engaging Conversations in Sustainability, Creativity, and Technology in Education.

Website: http://wordpress.viu.ca/westcast2017/

Throughout the years, WestCAST has been an important annual teacher education conference. The conference is rotationally hosted by faculties of education across the four western provinces. The conference, with its relevant, scholarly and pedagogic themes, attracts diverse and committed participants, such as students (undergraduate and graduate); teachers and teacher educators; administrators – school-based and office-based; ministry of education and teacher professional association representatives; and educator professional development providers.

Important dates 



Oct. 14, 2016

Deadline to submit proposals to the Faculty of Education WestCAST selection committee

Early November 2016

Successful applicants will be notified via email

Early November 2016

WestCAST prep session with selection committee

Mid-November 2016

Final submission of selected proposals to Tara Baxter via email and proposals will be submitted to the host university.


WestCAST rehearsal day

Feb. 16 & 17, 2017

WestCAST 2017 @ Vancouver Island University, 30th anniversary

Expenses covered by the Faculty of Education for selected teacher candidates, include:

•        Conference registration

•        Airfare (group travel rates)

•        Shared accommodation

•        WestCAST Participant Dinner (hosted by associate dean and director, SEO)

Important information concerning proposals

•        Proposals can be submitted by either individual or groups.

•        All BEd teacher candidates are eligible; however preference will be given to final-year teacher candidates.

•        Successful proposals will be determined by a committee of faculty members.

•        Identifying information should only be included on the title page and not on the main body of the proposal.

Presentation formats

•        Roundtable Paper: an individual will speak on a topic for approximately 20 minutes of 70 minutes session, leaving room for two or three individuals who will speak on different, but related topics approximately 20 minutes each, leaving some time for discussion, questions and answers


•        Workshop/Individual Presentation: an individual or group of presenters will present an instructional strategy or set of instructional strategies and will involve participants in hands-on, activity-based applications of these strategies for the remainder of the session.

Please note that these formats and proposal length have been anticipated based on the models from previous conferences. Proposals may have to be revised based on the host University’s preferences prior to final submission to the host university. The final decision of inclusion in the conference proceedings lies with the host university. Some presentations may be scheduled for a panel presentation at the conference with other presenters on the same topic. This is determined by conference organizers.


Submission guidelines

Please submit your proposal by email to Tara.Baxter@umanitoba.ca by Oct. 14, 2016.

Templates (MS Word document) are available here.


Title Page (page 1):


Year and Stream UM Email

Type of presentation (roundtable, individual presentation or group presentation) Presentation Title


*include only identifying information on the title page.


Abstract (page 2):

Abstract (250 words)

Program Description (50 words)


Discussion (page 3):

(Provide a more fulsome description of your topic; what is your presentation about; why is it important; include literature from the field;)


References (page 4):

(Use APA)


Questions? Contact Tara Baxter at Tara.Baxter@umanitoba.ca or 204-474-9015