Future students

At Campus Life, we encourage students to balance academic and social opportunities.

Academic opportunities
The university has a wide range of classes in many disciplines to choose from, although some courses cannot be audited.

Students are encouraged to choose courses based on their interests and goals. Once courses are selected, the coordinator approaches the professor or instructor and requests permission for the student to audit the course. If permission is granted, the student is then assisted through the registration process.

On a student’s first day of classes, a Campus Life tutor accompanies them and briefly explains the Campus Life program to the class. The tutor also recruits a volunteer note-taker. As the student continues to attend classes, Campus Life tutors and the director provide academic support by shaping the course content and adapting assignments to meet the student’s unique needs and abilities during regular individual-tutoring sessions.

Social opportunities
Students also are encouraged to get involved in a variety of activities on campus including: student groups, volunteer activities, intramural sports, work on campus, and student services. The opportunity to develop friendships and other connections at university is an important aspect of the program.

Who can apply?
Campus Life is designed to support students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who otherwise would be excluded from post-secondary education.

Prior academic achievement is not a prerequisite for admission to Campus Life. However, the applicant’s motivation to learn and the support of family and friends are important factors.

Students are not excluded due to the severity of their disability. However, resource limitations may delay the intake of new students.

What will it cost?
Campus Life students pay the normal auditing fee for each semester (usually a half tuition). They also are responsible for paying for their own transportation, student fees, books, supplies, and incidental expenses.

How do I apply?
Contact: Trevi Freeze, Campus Life program director
Phone: 204-474-7946
or email: Trevi.Freeze@umanitoba.ca