Information for Professors and Instructors

The collaboration of University of Manitoba professors and instructors is an important component of the Campus Life program. Without their continued support this program could not exist.

What can I expect on the first day of classes?
On the first day of class a tutor will accompany the student to class and introduce the student and ask for a volunteer note taker/class liaison. In some instances the tutor may also recruit a volunteer to help facilitate the student’s participation in the classroom.

How is the Campus Life student supported outside the classroom?
Outside of class the tutor will:

  • Go over class notes received from the note taker,
  • Refine and highlight textbook materials,
  • Refine and modify assignments, and
  • Refine and modify tests.

Where will the Campus Life student take the tests and exams?
Tests and exams can either be done in class or out of class with a tutor.

Some students opt to take the test or exam in a private space, whereas some students prefer to take the adapted version of test or exam in the classroom. Whether or not the student takes the test or exam in the classroom with the other students is your decision.

The coordinator and tutor will also determine the students’ readiness before a decision is made to take a test or exam in class.

How does the tutor adapt or modify assignments and exams?

  • Tutors have the freedom to adapt and modify assignments and test for Campus Life students because, as auditing students, they do not receive course credit for their work.
  • Professors and instructors sometimes provide the tutors with old tests, so the questions from that exam can be extracted and modified for the student.
  • Some instructors or professors choose to develop a separate set of questions for the student to answer. If you choose, the tutor can develop the questions for the Campus Life student to answer based on the textbook and class notes.
  • Our tutors are instructed to request tests for modification; however, professors are under no obligation to provide them.
  • Our tutors destroy any copies of tests or exams, given to us by professors, once they have completed the necessary modifications for the student.
  • If you have any questions on concerns about this please do not hesitate to contact me at 204-474-4946 or

Evaluation of the assignments and exams?
We understand the importance of maintaining the security of tests and exams provided to us. In addition, Campus Life follows the University of Manitoba regulations for auditing students. Under those regulations professors have no obligation to assign or mark the work of an auditing student.

We want students to have an authentic university experience. As a result, willing professors and instructors are asked to provide feedback or evaluate exams and assignments. Feedback is expected to enhance the academic growth of the Campus Life students while keeping in mind that the Campus Life students are auditing the course.