Current Students

Tutors will help guide, support, and assist you. At the start of each term they will help access and acquire the tools, systems, and materials you need to attend class and study at the University of Manitoba.

New students will need to acquire the following:

  • Student ID card,
  • University of Manitoba email account, and
  • Jump and Desire2Learn (if required for course).

All students will need to do the following at the beginning of both fall and winter terms:

  • Purchase the required texts and materials needed for your course(s),
  • Pay your tuition,
  • Obtain a locker (if needed), and
  • Schedule your tutoring times with your tutor.

New students
New students beginning in the fall term will participate in the two day University 1 orientation.

Class attendance
Regular attendance is required of all students in all classes.

Tutor session attendance
Campus Life students are required to attend tutoring sessions regularly.

Getting involved on campus
Getting involved on Campus is a great way to meet people and enhance your resume. Let us help you explore your options. Here are some activities to consider:

  • Join a student group or club,
  • Volunteer on campus,
  • Attend organized university events (BBQ’s, sporting events, etc.), and
  • Sign up for an intramural sport.

Convocation requirements
A Campus Life student will be recommended for convocation if he or she has successfully completed 30-60 credit hours as an auditing student (the range of credit hours reflects the range of abilities of the Campus Life students).

Each student must declare to the Campus Life Coordinator in writing his or her intent to complete his or her program by February 1st for May convocation.

The Coordinator will determine if a student has successfully completed his or her course work by assessing:

  • Bi-weekly reports from the student’s tutor
  • Professor feedback,
  • Completion of assignments and exams, and
  • Consistent attendance.

After determining that a Campus Life student has successfully completed his or her program, the Coordinator will recommend the student to the Dean of the Faculty of Education (or his or her designate) who will make arrangements for his or her inclusion in the convocation ceremony.

Tutoring support
Campus Life tutors help Campus Life students to achieve their academic and social goals by:

  • Adapting and shaping course materials to meet the individual needs and abilities of their tutee,
  • Arranging for academic accommodations (recruiting volunteer note-takers, providing oral exam options, etc.),
  • Ensuring that students receive helpful feedback and evaluations,
  • Providing support and guidance in areas such as purchasing textbooks, accessing the library and computer labs, paying tuition, etc.,
  • Helping students to explore and become involved in student groups, athletic opportunities, university services, and volunteer and employment opportunities, etc., and
  • Acting as role models.