About Us

Since 2004, Campus Life has supported students with intellectual and developmental disabilities as auditing students at the University of Manitoba. Students are also encouraged to participate in social opportunities available on campus.

Campus Life, an award-winning program, is an extension of the inclusive education concept practiced in regular elementary and secondary classrooms. It promotes inclusive education at the post-secondary level for students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend university.

This unique access to post-secondary opportunities supports the University of Manitoba’s mandate to ensure that programs are accessible to the widest variety of students and reflect the diversity of Manitoba’s population.

Campus Life at the University of Manitoba is based on four principles:

  1. Diversity promotes tolerance and understanding. Students with intellectual and developmental disabilities contribute to the diversity of the student body.
  2. Inclusion in post-secondary educational institutions provides individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, friendships, employment possibilities, work ethic, self-discipline, and overall personal development.
  3. Providing access to existing campus resources and supporting participation in university life promotes authentic inclusion.
  4. Encouraging volunteerism provides benefits, not only for students with disabilities, but also for their peers, instructors and the university at large.