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 Educational For Creative and Responsible Global Citizens (pdf-Event Poster)
March 4 & 5, 2016

Ben Akoh
Understanding Adaptive Orienteering Using Mobile Technologies in First Nations Communities: A Conceptual Framework (pdf)

Jean-Vianney Auclair
An analysis of a horizontal public policy approach involving education (pdf)
Nadine Bartlett
Defining Effective Supports for Students with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders: The Wraparound Approach in the Context of a Community School (Proposal-pdf)

Barbara Borges
Promoting Health for Older Adults Through Education (pdf)
Duane Brothers
Complex Poverty and Education Systems:
An Inquiry into the Work of Superintendents Informed by Critical Theory
Gail Cormier
Education Graduate Symposium 2016 (Proposal-pdf

Stephanie Crook
Moving Beyond Transgression: Contextualizing Plagiarism and Patchwriting
(Originally titled “Moving Beyond Transgression: Viewing Patchwriting Simply as Writing”)

Orest Kinasevych
Technology & Colonization: The role and power of photography in the entrenchment of the Canadian residential school system (
Heather Krepski
Evidence-based decision making in Manitoba Schools: A critical race theory perspective Abstract (
Jordan Laidlaw
Fostering Student Creativity via Music Composition: An Action Research Study on the Implementation of the Baritone Ukulele (
Chrystal Lynch
A Global Perspective: Investigating Human Rights Education in Higher Education Institutes (
Lauren E. Norquay
Experiences of Manitoba Science Teachers in French Immersion and Francophone Programs (
Nora Murdock
Exploring the Work of First Nations Directors of Education (
Joanne Struch
Considerations of Feedback on Academic Writing in Post-Secondary Settings (
Alison Wells-Dyck
The Adventures of Action Research Faculty of Education Graduate Symposium University of Manitoba (
Kazutoshi Yoshino
The Pursuit of Sustainability Through the Self-Transformation and the Collective Well-Being
 Zane Zalis
I Believe” (Music project. See also YouTube video)

Educational Minds For the Future (pdf-Event Poster)
March 6 & 7, 2015
Melanie Baruch
The Business of Therapy: Examining the Process of Working in Private Practice

Kimberly F. Browning
Political ideology and Manitoba’s post-secondary education system:
A look back at policy, legislation and governance since the Roblin Report

Louise Cameron
Support for Student Transition (Proposal-pdf)
Paul Doyle
Twitter and Professional Development for Teachers (ppt)
Karen Favell
Using Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Music and Art Activities to Improve Aboriginal Post-Secondary Programming
Margaret Leask
First Nations Funding Models (Proposal-pdf)
Barbara Lepp
Mentoring Programs in Manitoba: A Baseline Study
Chrystal Lynch
Pathways to Human Rights Education in Higher Education
Anna C. McKay
Student Engagement in Otter Nelson River School: Implications for Cree Culture, Traditions and Cree Language
Adeline Mercredi
Decolonizing Education: A Study Using the Medicine Wheel Framework
Allison Moore
Capturing Serendipitous Moments in the Life/Work of an Artist/Teacher
John James Murray
A New Consensus on Possible Future Orientations for Science Education in Canada: A Delphi Study (Part 1) (Part 2)
Norma Nelson
A Life Story of an Indigenous Elder: Circling the Medicine Wheel’s Life Stages (pdf)
Lam Nguyen
Developing Conceptual Understanding and Probabilistic Thinking through Tree Diagrams
Mahdi Rahimian
A minority language: The status of Armenian language in Iran
Stephanie Yamniuk
The role of resilience: refugee families, well-being and adapting to school in Canada
Yuni Chen
Challenging the Traditional Notion of Plagiarism:
Understanding my Experiences as an International Student
Conversations About Educational Research  (pdf-Event Poster)
March 7 & 8, 2014
Lee-Anne Adams
Research topic: Music therapists’ experience of family-based music therapy: An interpretative phenomenological analysis (Proposal-pdf)
Dan Chen
Challenges of Chinese University Students’ Oral English Learning (Proposal-pdf)
Yuni Chen
Walking Through the Darkness of Unknown: Delving into the Common Problems that Chinese ESL Students Encounter in Post-secondary Academic Writing (pdf)
Abdelhady Elnagar
Public education governance in neoliberal era:
An examination of the changing role of professionals, bureaucrats and elected politicians in Manitoba
Brent A. Epp
How do Principals Support Implementation of an Inclusive School Reform? (pdf)
Nataliya Kharchenko
Heritage Language Maintenance or Loss: A Difficult Choice for Immigrant Parents (pdf)
Mahdi Rahimian
International students’ identity formation in Canada (Proposal-pdf)
Anna C. McKay
Untitled (Proposal-pdf)
Ross Meacham
Caring Relationships and the Good — An Analysis in Free Verse Poetry (pdf)
 J. Alysha Sloane
Cops in the Head: Periperformative Disruptions in Educational Administration (Proposal-pdf)
Cathryn Smith
Community, Critical Reflection and Action:
Developing Agency in Teacher Leaders for Social Justice
Lalaine Tugade
Integrating Learning from the Math Support Program on Using Different Strategies in Teaching Basic Math Skills (Proposal-pdf)
Rick Wiebe
Learning Chemistry in the Context of the History and Philosophy of Chemistry (Proposal-pdf)
 Event Poster (pdf-Event Poster)
March 1 & 2, 2013
Amanda Borton
Engaging Reluctant Readers in an Immersion Classroom (pdf)
Kim Browning
Aboriginal controlled post-secondary institutions in Canada: The Struggle for recognition (pdf)
Abdelhady Elnagar
Instructional Leadership and Student Learning in Manitoba:
An Examination of the Role of Superintendents, Principals and Teachers
Gailene Glanfield
37 Fiefdoms:  Potential Political Impediments to Horizontal Equity Financing in Manitoba  (pdf)
Heather Graham
Co-constructing Theories of Language Learning in a
French Immersion Classroom
Joel Kulik
Get Real: Representing Tierney’s Realities (YouTube video)

Tracie McDonald
A writing handbook for middle-years teachers using the self-regulated strategy-development model  (pdf)

David Opeyemi
Leadership Preparation for School Principals: The Place of Certification (pdf)
Cathryn Smith
Evolving Reflective and Dialogic Tools for Social Justice Leadership  (pdf)
Lisa Wicklund Whiteside
Exploring Student Voice through Opportunities for Publication: A Report (pdf)
Rick Wiebe
Learning Chemistry in the Context of the History and Philosophy of Chemistry (pdf)
Stephanie Yamniuk
An Intersectional Analysis of the Relationship between Families and Schools (pdf)
Education Today (pdf - Event Poster)
March 2 & 3, 2012
Ben Akoh
Changing paradigms for e-learning pedagogy: Social networking technologies for teaching and learning in Canadian post secondary institutions (pdf)
Heather Syme Anderson
Choosing data wisely: Compromises and necessities of foregrounding and back grounding data in document analysis (pdf)
Terri Ashcroft
Nursing educators’ perspectives of Nursing students with disabilities (pdf)
Naghmeh Babaee
Heritage language learning in Canadian public schools: Language rights challenges (pdf)
Kim Browning
Manitoba’s university and college early leavers: Results from the 2009-2019 survey (pdf)
D. Lark Gamey
Reconsidering resistance: White dialectics and a pedagogy of discomfort (pdf)
Michelle Bradley Hakimelahi
Ecofeminist pedagogy and Aboriginal education in the Canadian classroom context (pdf)
Chris Hicks
The ethical paradigm in the rural Manitoba principalship: Looking for more than “community” (pdf)
Erica Jung
International Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Academic Learning at the University of Manitoba (pdf)
Cindi Kirupakaran
The lived experience of a novice counsellor: A qualitative phenomenological approach (pdf)
Simone Kirwan
When EAL and SNE ‘Hook Up’: An exploration of the literature and its implications (pdf)
Danielle Kolton
Beyond the rhetoric of social justice: Exploring social justice with principals through dilemma analysis (pdf)
Carla Loewen
Influencing Aboriginal student success: Peer-mentoring for first-year Aboriginal students (pdf)
Michael O’Brien Moran & L. Karen Soiferman
Re-envisioning the first-year learner and first-year writing instruction (pdf)
Brian Paterson
Recovery from addiction: What recovering people in the Twelve Step Recovery Fellowships say works for them to enable abstinence and positive change, and how and why this is effective (pdf)
Gayle Peters
Exploring professional identity in response to curriculum reform and professional development: “The Teaching life stories of eight Chemistry teachers (pdf)
Kaleigh Quinn
Factors moderating the transition to university for visible-minority students: Finding a sense of belonging on the Canadian campus (pdf)
L. Karen Soiferman
(See Michael O'Brien-Moran)
Sharing Our Research (pdf - Event Poster)
March 4 & 5, 2011
Patrick Armstrong
A qualitative study of new teacher perceptions (pdf)
Duane Brothers
Expressions of Leadership in a Manitoba School Division: From the perspective of Foster's Critical Theory, an investigation of the personal conceptions of leadership by members of a superintendent's team (pdf)
Lorraine de Monyé
Women’s Experiences in Administration in Faith-Based Schools (pdf)
Miriam Duff
Living and learning in the company of complex health needs (pdf)
Kimberly Embleton
If you don’t care, I don’t care: Aboriginal students at post secondary institutions in Manitoba (pdf)
Anita Ens
Addressing cultural difference in academic preparation programs for immigrant profession (pdf)
Charulata Gupta
The relation between body image satisfaction and self esteem to academic achievement in adolescents and pre-adolescents (pdf)
Chris Hicks
Values and Ethics in the Decision-Making of Rural Manitoba School Principals (pdf)
Chelsea Jalloh
Evaluation of Harsh Reality: A sexual health resource for street-involved youth (pdf)
S. Diane Kenney
Challenges and Rewards of Inclusive Instruction in Adult and Postsecondary Education (pdf)
Randean Kopytko
What Will I Tell My Daughter? Immigrant Women Who Relocate For Their Spouse: Issues and Challenges (pdf)
Sandra Krahn
Citizenship Education and the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival (pdf)
Michael O’Brien-Moran and L. Karen Soiferman
Doctoral student perceptions of the PhD process (pdf)
Ken Reimer
Universal design in education: The missing link? (pdf)
Andrew Roncin
Changing Geers: an Engineering perspective on education (pdf)
Katarina Schilling
Montessori Approach to Teaching/Learning and Use of Didactic Materials (pdf)
Karen Schwartz
Understanding conceptualizations of students with significant intellectual disabilities (pdf)
Cathryn Smith
Transformative Teacher Leadership for Social Justice (pdf)
L. Karen Soiferman
(See Michael O'Brien-Moran)
Xuping Sun
Motivations, Beliefs, and Chinese Language Learning: A Phenomenological Study in a Canadian University (pdf)
Heather Syme Anderson
An Analysis of Gender Equity Policy Mechanisms Through Fraser’s Remedies of Injustice (pdf)
Andrew Volk
Teachers’ Experiences with Bureaucracy in Loosely and Tightly Coupled Systems: Impacts on Professional Practice (pdf)
Yichun Wei
Course structure, engagement, and the achievement of students in first year chemistry (pdf)
Stephanie Yamniuk
The value of teaching human rights education (pdf)
Theories of Learning (pdf - Event Poster)
March 5 & 6, 2010
Naghmeh Babaee
Iranian Female EFL Learners’ Knowledge Sources in their Lexical Inference and their Relation to Proficiency (pdf)  (Paper & Proposal Not Available) 
Kevin Carter    
Inverse Load Theory: A Merging of the Cognitive and Functional Perspectives of SLA (pdf)
Teresa Cavett
Alienation and the International Medical Graduate (pdf)
Kristine Dubois-Vandale
An Analysis of Alternative Education Programs Designed to Engage the Anti-School Subculture (pdf)
Carol Hill
Student Engagement during Literacy Blocks in Grades 7 and  8 (pdf)
Chelsea Jalloh
The Case for Empathetic Knowledge: A Canadian Teacher’s Field Notes from Sierra Leone (pdf)
Simone Kirwan
White Privilege and White Guilt: A View from the Margin (pdf)
Barbara Melnychuk
Decision Making by Youth With and Without Disabilities: A Comparison of Perceptions (pdf)
Michael O’Brien-Moran & L. Karen Soiferman
The Difficulty of Translating the Theory of Cognitive Process into Pedagogical Practice (pdf)
Cathryn Smith
Promoting Teacher Leadership: Myth, Reality and a Vision (pdf)
L. Karen Soiferman
(See Michael O'Brien-Moran)
Rudy Subedar
Re-Thinking Teacher Professional Development: Towards a Constructivist Model (pdf)
Maha Telmesani
Faculty’s Perception of Online Education (pdf)
Jennifer Watt
Her Moody Time of the Month: Teaching, Learning and Living the Body of Menstruation (pdf)
Yichun Wei
Ecological Fallacy: Concept, Causes and Solutions (pdf)
Alison Wells
An Investigation Into Inquiry-Based Learning in Inclusive Elementary Classrooms (pdf)
Dorothy Young
Professional Development for Principals in Manitoba (pdf)
Perspectives and Possibilities (pdf - Event Program)
March 6 & 7, 2009
Charlotte Arnold-Fast
Perspectives on Social Justice Education (pdf)
Alanna Baldwin
Can Phenomenological Understanding of Collaboration Lead to Participatory Action for Building Partnerships? (pdf)
Seonghwi Bang
Reviewing Approaches for Children with Autism (pdf)
Carla Bennett
Research Literature on Bullying (pdf)
Karen Boyd, Anita Ens, Lynn Matczuk, Warren Nickerson
Graduate Students’ Evolving Perceptions of Writing Collaboratively (pdf)
Jason Braun
Standardized Final Examinations: Reliability and Validity (pdf)
Meg Brolley
Transformation and Sustainability: A Case Study of an International Partnership in Post-Secondary Engineering Education (pdf)
Yi-Feng Chen
Heritage Language Retention: Challenges for Parents in a Chinese Heritage Language Program (pdf)
Miriam Duff
Living and Learning in the Company of Chronic Health Conditions: Investigating Perspectives on Coping and Relationships (pdf)
Anita Ens
(See Karen Boyd)
Rhonda Friesen
The Growth and Development of Internationalization at Canadian Universities: An Overview (pdf)
Chris Hicks
Self-Appropriation, Transcendental Method and Ethical Practice in School Leadership (pdf)
Carol Hill
Literacy Blocks: Student Engagement and Student Learning in Grades 7 and 8 (pdf)
Colleen Kachur-Reico
Career Paths of Female Assistant Superintendents in Manitoba (pdf)
Lloyd Kornelsen
Perpetuating Violence and Global Conflict or Inspiring Peace-Building through Global Citizenship Learning (pdf)
Lynn Matczuk
(See Karen Boyd)
Warren Nickerson
(See Karen Boyd)
Beryl Peters
Semiotic Potential of Multimodal Experiences for Early Years Readers (pdf)
Candace Reinsch
Mixing Business with Pleasure: Positive Psychology (pdf)
Audrey Siemens
Stories of Resilience of Young Adults (pdf)
L. Karen Soiferman
Parent’s Perception of their Children’s Attitudes to Reading, their Reading Habits and their Frequency of Reading Before and After the Reading Recovery Program (pdf)
Josh Watt
Opportunities and Challenges for Enhancing Senior Participation in Post-Secondary Education in Manitoba (pdf)
Yichun Wei
Effects of School Resources on Students’ Academic Achievement: A Multilevel Analysis (pdf)
Alison Wells
The Reggio Emilia Approach: A Social Constructivist Pedagogy of Inclusion (pdf)
Dorothy Young
All Over Again: A Report on the Reflections of Retired Principals, their Preparation and Development as Principals (pdf)
Joan Zaretsky
Perspectives of Northern Manitoba Principals about New Special Education Legislation (pdf)
Education Graduate Student Symposium 2008 (pdf - Event Poster)
March 7 & 8, 2008
Kristine Beauchamp-Friesen
A feminist analysis of conflict management (pdf)
Luella Bernacki Jonk
Cross-cultural influences regarding language acquisition and the value of talk: Perspectives of Aboriginal and western care-givers (pdf)
Karen Boyd
Adult reading habits: The importance of having them, the factors that contribute to them (pdf)
Barbara Cahoon
Literacy across the curriculum: Teachers teaching teachers about content area reading strategies and their perceptions of the effectiveness of these strategies (pdf)
Tian Jin
Negotiating contexts: A case study of a Tibetan boarding class in Inland China from a Tibetan learner’s perspective (pdf)
Kishwar Mirza
Training culturally diverse health care workers (pdf)
Youn-Young Park
Transition services for high school students with disabilities: Perspectives of special education teachers (pdf)
Natalie Swayze
Bridging the gap: Engaging inner-city youth in stewardship using Principles of Indigenous Science (pdf)
Lisa Tucker
Spirituality in teacher education: Honouring the inner lives of students and teachers (pdf)
Jo-Anne Weir
Undan Snjobreiðunni (What lies beneath the snow): Revealing the contributions of Icelandic pioneer women to adult education in Manitoba 1875-1914 (pdf)
Education Graduate Student Symposium 2007
March 9 & 10, 2007
Luella Bernacki Jonk
Research Practices Involving Canadian Aboriginal Communities: Ethical Considerations (pdf)
Noriko Boorberg Blight. Ph.D.
The Use of Self-Assessment in Pre-clinical Dental Education as a Learning Modality (pdf)
Teresita Chiarella
Challenges of Providing EAL Education in the Winnipeg Catholic Schools System (pdf)
Kerry Cressall
Paul Begley: Values and Leadership (pdf)
Fasil Demsash
Foreign Educated Teachers in Canada: Paralyzed Human Resource (pdf)
Amanda Freedman Tétrault
We are all Downstream – Teaching Middle Years Science from a Sustainability Perspective (pdf)
Jennifer E. Lawson
An Examination of Cooperative Inquiry as a Professional Learning Strategy for Inner City School Leaders (pdf)
Warren Nickerson
The role of talk in developing a response to reading literature  (pdf)
Beryl Peters
Semiotic Potential of Multimodal Experiences for Early Years Readers (pdf)
Karen Schwartz
Making community connections: Educator perspectives on transition planning for students with intellectual disabilities (pdf)
Shailesh Shukla
Community-based enviromental education in context: Learning from community-based conservation intiatives from India (pdf)
Jennifer Watt
The Narrative of My Inquiry: Re-searching Thesis Research (pdf)
Yichun. Wei, Rodney A. Clifton
The Impact of Faculty on the Perceptions Students have of their Pedogogical Environment (pdf)
Cara Zurzolo
An Exploration of the Experiences of Non-Aboriginal Teachers Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into the Manitoba Social Studies Curriculum (pdf)
Developing and Sustaining a Research Culture in Education
March 10 & 11, 2006
Connie Allsopp
The Greenfield Awards, 1988-1995: An Examination of the Purposes, Conceptual Frameworks, Methodologies, and Findings (pdf)
Corinne E. Barrett Kutchy
Secondary School Teachers’ Perceptions of the Practical and Emotional Challenges They Encountered during Their Second Year in the Teaching Profession (pdf)
Anne-Marie Dooner
A Critical Look at Social Capital Theory: A Professional Learning Community’s Experience (pdf)
Donna Haydey
A Study to Explore Social Constructivist Instructional Approaches and the Use of Cognitive Text-Processing Strategies (pdf)
Junette Holder
An Investigation of the Code Switching Behaviours of Five Dialect Speakers of Caribbean Creole English (pdf)
Raymond Kleinsasser
Hutterite Education: Growing Pains (pdf)
Jennifer E. Lawson
The Greenfield Awards, 1978-1987: An examination of the purposes, conceptual frameworks, methodologies and findings (pdf)
Tammy MacDonald
Religion in the Garden Valley School Division (pdf)
Joan Martin
Expanded Potential Data Presented by Alternative Media Formats When a Special Education Student is Transferring to a New School (pdf)
Mona Maxwell
Utility of Science in A Globally Unsustainable Society (pdf)
Walter Nikkel
Language Revitalization in Northern Manitoba: A Study of a Cree Bilingual Program in an Elementary School (pdf)
Beryl Peters
An Investigation into the Nonmusical Effects of Rhythm in Elementary Students with Reading Disabilities (pdf)
Janice Stewart
The Greenfield Award Winning Theses, 1998-2005: An examination of their purposes, conceptual frameworks, methodologies, and findings (pdf)
Jennifer Watt
Journey to Oz: How University English Instructors View Transition Problems Experienced by High school Students Entering First Year English (pdf)
Lia van Winkel
Student teachers’ competence and career certainty: the effects of career anxiety and perceived control (pdf)
Schools Today: Promoting Educational Success
March 11 & 12, 2005
Preface by Dr. Stan Straw and Zana Marie Lutfiyya (pdf)
Part I: Change in Educational Administration
Jerome Cranston
Two Sides of Professional: Professional Accountability and Professional Learning Community (pdf)

Brenda St. Hilaire
Teachers' Conceptions of Social Justice in a Context of School Improvement: Preliminary Findings (pdf)

Tammy MacDonald
Cecilia Reynolds: A Major Writer in the Field of Educational Administration (pdf)
Jennifer E. Lawson
Leading in the Inner City: Critical Issues and Essential Supports for Novice School Principals (pdf)
 Part II: Curricular Change  
Maria Bonan
Declining French Immersion Enrolment Trends and Its Impact on École Letellier School (pdf)
Craig Blagden
Citizen Mathematic (pdf)
Colleen Penner Podaima
Understanding Parental Attitudes towards their Children's Behavior Medication (pdf)
Debra Abraham Radi, Phyllis Hildebrandt, Joan Martin, and Berryl Peters
First Experiences of Four Ph.D. Students in Collaborative Narrative Inquiry Research: The ArtsSmart Research Project
Educational Research Opportunities
March 5 & 6, 2004
Debra Abraham-Radi & Joan Martin
Making Connections to Research Opportunities (pdf)
Beata Biernacka
A Teacher-Research Collaborative Effort to Develop Scientific Literacy of Grade Five Students (pdf)
Laurelyn Cantor
Establishing Partnerships with Families of Children with Disabilities from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds (pdf)
Joseph Goulet
Developing a Teacher Rating Scale to Identify Shy and Anxious Children Ages Five to Seven (pdf)
Fred Harris
Education as a Political Act (pdf)
Matthew Kwok
Disciplinary Differences in the Development of Employability Skills of Recent University Graduates: Some Initial Findings (pdf)
Joan Martin
(see Debra Abraham-Radi)
Janelle McFeetors
Andrea's Story of Success in Mathematics Class (pdf)
John Van Walleghem
(Director of Research and Planning Branch, Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth)
Response: Making Connections to Educational Research Opportunitites (pdf)
Theory, Culture and Discourse in Education
March 14 & 15, 2003
Debra Abraham-Radi and Brenda St. Hilaire
An Analysis of Education Reform in Manitoba: The K - S4 Education Agenda for Student Success (pdf)
Jerome Cranston
Does Manitoba Education and Youth's Agenda Promote Educational Leadership Centered On Social Justice? (pdf)
Eric Dowsett
Democratic Leadership (pdf)
Fred Harris
Dewey’s Logical Theory of a problematic situation and its implication for Education (pdf)
Beverley Hicks
The challenges and triumphs of psychiatric nursing education in Manitoba 1920-2000 (pdf)
Brenda St. Hilaire
(see Debra Abraham-Radi)
Matthew Kwok
Employability skills development of university graduates in Manitoba (pdf)
Tim MacKay
Sociolinguistics and ESL: The implications for International Education in Manitoba schools (pdf)
Dania McDonald
Teaching for scientific understanding: A study of the effects of two methods (pdf)
Luis Reis
Educational leadership in Hanover School Division: The social capital perspective (pdf)
David Yeo
The Manitoba K-S4 Education Agenda for Student Success (2002-06): Making room on the agenda for the Agenda  (pdf)
Sharing Our Work and Findings: Moving into the Mosiac |
Research, Curriculum and Pedagogy: Exploring Applications

March 17 & 18, 2000  |  March 8 & 9, 2002
The 2000 & 2002 Graduate Student Symposium Presentations were published in a collection titled Education Mosaics (1MB pdf)