Graduate Student Symposium

At the Faculty of Education we are pleased to promote the research and scholarly activities of graduate students working in education and to provide the opportunity for their work to be presented in an academic forum. 

The purpose of this event is to promote the research and scholarly activities of graduate students in education. Accepted papers will be published.

The topics of the presenters are as varied as the field of education is broad.  In the past, topics have ranged from case studies of the Tibetan boarding class in Inland China, to  realizing the contributions of Icelandic pioneer women to adult education in Manitoba. The presenters have also discussed issues of assimilation and inclusion, issues of gender, perspectives of special education teachers, training culturally diverse health care workers, and spirituality in teacher education.

The 2016 17th Annual Education Graduate Student Research Symposium will be held on:
March 4 & 5, 2016.

Admission is free and all are welcome. 

The 2016 Graduate Student Research Symposium's theme is "Education for Creative and Responsible Global Citizens."

2016 Graduate Symposium Poster

2016 Graduate Symposium Program



The 2015 Graduate Student Symposium theme was:  "Educational Minds for the Future."

Graduate Symposium Poster:

Graduate Symposium Program:

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How to Submit Your Research for the Education Graduate Student Symposium

Graduate students are invited to submit proposals by: Friday, January 15 2016.

Who may apply to present?
Any graduate student (in the Masters or Doctoral Program) currently enrolled in a graduate program or who has graduated in the past year.

What topics will be considered?
Papers that relate to education will be considered. Students may give a presentation, no longer than 20 minutes, on their research conducted in the course of their graduate studies. Papers discussing issues and trends, “big picture” ideas, critical insights into theoretical matters or evaluations of policy will be considered. Papers may be presented either as a group effort or on an individual basis. IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have used or you will be using human subjects for your research, your project must have received ENREB approval prior to presentation date.

What needs to be covered in the proposal?
In one or two pages, describe your study, emphasizing the two or three key points that your work addresses, and ensuring that these are clearly connected to a theoretical framework and/or previous research. State the significance of your research topic. Please use plain English and avoid technical jargon. Report whatever results you have obtained from your research, even if your study is incomplete and your data are just coming in as your prepare the proposal. Please also state the presentation format you wish to use; i.e. traditional format or alternate format. The organizing committee welcomes alternate styles or modes of presentations, such as round table presentations.

How will the proposals be reviewed?
The organizing committee (which may include Faculty members and graduate students) will review the proposals. Acceptance will be based on scholarly merit; and clarity of research objectives, methods and proposed/established conclusions. Everyone who submits a proposal should be notified of their status by the first week of February.

Will there be a published proceedings?
Yes. We plan to publish all of the papers presented at the Symposium; however the “publishing” will be an on-line electronic format. Your paper will reside on the Faculty of Education’s website in the Graduate Student Symposium Proceedings Archive. Presenters must submit their completed/self-edited full papers electronically to the Education Graduate Programs Office by Friday, May 6, 2016.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Charlotte J. Enns, Associate Dean
Graduate & Professional Programs, and Research
Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba
telephone: (204) 474-9009

Symposium Proceedings Archive

The contents of the proceedings are for use by scholars and researchers and cannot be copied for commercial purposes. Authors retain the full copyrights to their papers. Permissions to reprint must be obtained from the authors.

For more information please contact the Education Graduate Programs and Research Office at (204) 474-9000 or e-mail:

Visit the Graduate Student Symposium Proceedings Archive page for a complete listing of topics and to access the articles.