Travel Study and Exchange Programs

The University of Manitoba grants University credit for a number of different types of programs abroad. You can choose from exchange programs, travel study courses, and field study courses which provide hands-on experience while allowing time to travel, explore, and even work abroad.

Exchange Programs

The University of Manitoba offers over 40 active international student exchange agreements in places such as Australia, Germany, Ghana, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Turkey, and France for at home prices. Courses are taught  in either English or in the country’s official language by the exchange universities during the normal academic year.

Contact The exchange office at the International Centre or the Faculty of Arts for more information on exchange programs.


Travel Study/Field Study Courses

Travel Study/Field Study courses are University of Manitoba courses taught by University of Manitoba professors in locations other than our Winnipeg campuses. The courses run from a few days to several weeks and generally take place over the summer months providing you with hands-on exploration such as archaeological digs in the Mediterranean and/or North Africa and cultural/language experience in Poland or Germany.

Department of German and Slavic Studies
German Language and Culture -  Greifswald, Germany
Polish Language and Culture - Krakow, Poland

Catholic Studies
Field Studies in Catholic Culture - Italy

Department of Anthropology
Field Methods in Archaeology 1 - Tell es-Safi, Israel
Archaeological Field Training - Tell es-Safi, Isael


Questions about summer Travel/Study programs? 
Contact the  Faculty of Arts or visit Summer Session or email: