Get Involved

Get Involved

Explore ways to connect with Arts and the student community while completing your degree. Enrich your University experience by getting involved with a student group, student leadership, volunteer work, student council, advocacy and governance or research!

Faculty of Arts Student Groups

Gain a sense of community by joining an Arts student group or club in your department or program. Practice your language skills, learn about different cultures, gain professional insights and graduate school tips, form study groups and increase your social network with other students who share your program of study.

  • Anthropology Students' Association
  • Classics Students' Collective
  • Economics Society Student Group
  • English, Film, & Theatre Student Association
  • French Club
  • German Student's Association
  • History Students Association (Undergraduate)
  • Icelandic Student Society
  • Linguistic-ISH - Linguistics Integrated Student Hub
  • Linguistics Graduate Students' Association
  • Polish Students' Association
  • Undergraduate Political Studies Students' Association
  • Undergraduate Psychology Students' Association
  • Graduate Association of Students of Psychology
  • Sociology and Criminology Association of Students
  • Spanish Club
  • Ukrainian Students' Association

    Please visit the student association directory for contact information.

Campus Clubs Listing

Thinking about branching out? The University of Manitoba Students' Union (UMSU) has a list of all known campus clubs or groups on campus.

Faculty of Arts Student Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about the Faculty of Arts? Would you like an opportunity to promote and volunteer for your faculty? The Arts Student Ambassador program is a volunteer leadership position for students in the Faculty of Arts. Arts Ambassadors actively promote the Faculty of Arts by engaging with prospective and current students at recruitment and outreach events throughout the school year. Ambassadors also present to new students at Orientation events. Learn more here!

Student Life and Community Engaged Learning Offices


For more volunteer student opportunities, visit the University of Manitoba's Get Involved page for programs run by the Student Life and Community Engaged Learning Offices. These include volunteer opportunities related to student leadership, peer-to-peer mentoring, language partner mentoring, experiential learning, student exchanges and travel volunteer options.

Arts Student Body Council

The Arts Student Body Council (ASBC) serves and represents all undergraduate Arts students at the University of Manitoba. Members of ASBC represent Arts students on Arts Faculty Council, various Arts academic committees and the University of Manitoba Senate. ASBC also advocates for the interests of Arts students on the University of Manitoba Students' Union (UMSU).

Arts Student Body Council is active year round with academic programming events, social events, year-end programming and student group networking events.

ASBC is responsible for student lockers in the Arts complex, the Arts Student lounge and funding for student groups and Arts student initiatives.

Many volunteer positions in student leadership, advocacy, event management and governance are available every year by running in elections or applying for positions with Arts Student Body Council.



The University of Manitoba Students' Union (UMSU) is the largest students' association in Manitoba serving over 22,000 undergraduate student members. UMSU exists to serve all undergraduate U of M students and strives to enhance student life and quality of education. UMSU offers numerous services to student including advocacy, lobbying, student groups, a radio station, student run businesses and a food bank to name just a few. Many volunteer opportunities exist throughout the year with UMSU.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Arts


Research is a great way to get a taste for graduate studies and to build experience on your resume.

Undergraduate Research Symposium
Undergraduate Arts students are encouraged to present their research at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium held at the end of March. This is a unique opportunity for undergrads to learn how to display and present research. Honours students and students taking third year research courses often participate in the symposium. This symposium experience helps to prepare and inform students for later work in graduate studies.
Volunteer Experience
Various departments also offer research opportunities during the academic terms. These can be paid or volunteer positions. Check out the Faculty of Arts research facilities HERE. Also check the department websites for more information on academic research being carried out and on who may take on volunteers during the school year or summer months.