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The Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba is committed to assisting employers in finding the right students for work placements. We will provide you with access to skilled students who can assist you in your work with projects, process improvement and day-to-day business.


Employer Benefits

The Arts Co-op Program offers a continuous source of temporary employees with the skills, enthusiasm and drive to become valuable staff members. The Co-op Program also offers the employer suitable candidates for full-time employment after graduation. The Arts Co-op Program is an excellent way to connect with undergraduate students, creating visibility for your organization and providing a way for students to learn about your processes, policies and culture.

  • Work terms are 4-month in length and can begin in January, May or September to meet your needs and schedule.
  • The ease of recruiting will save you time and money. Our office will help to advertise your posting and assist with finding the best candidate.
  • You'll get a motivated student. All co-op students complete resume and interview workshops as well as participate in mock interviews.
  • By hiring a student, you will also be eligible for provincial and federal subsidies and tax credits.



Faculty of Arts students are available for either a 4-month term (January - May, May - August, September - December) or an 8-month term (January - August, May - December).

  • The Faculty of Arts Co-op Office accepts job postings on a continuous basis.
  • Send your job posting to the Arts Co-op Coordinator, Angela Faulker at
  • Once the coordinator has received your job posting, it is sent to Co-op students seeking work placement.
  • Students submit their application packages to the Arts Co-op Office. Each application package includes a cover letter, resume and a copy of the student's latest academic history
  • The employer will receive a package with all applications sent to you by email on the application deadline.
  • The employer will review the applications and provide an interview list and details to the Co-op Office via email. The Co-op office will arrange the schedule on your behalf and update you with the final schedule.
  • After interviews are complete, the employer will select the student who is best suited for the position. An alternate student should also be selected in case the first choice has accepted a position elsewhere. All offers of employment are to be made through the Co-op Office rather than directly to the student.
  • The employer will receive a Letter of Acceptance or Letter of Release from the student via email regarding your offer of employment. The student is required to do this within 48 business hours of the offer being made known to them by the Co-op Office.

If you are uncertain of funding or budget approval, a position may be posted as long as you indicate it is pending budget approval or funding. The position can be withdrawn if funding does not become available.



The average wage for a co-op student ranges from $12.00-15.00 per hour, which is cost efficient for employers. Some employers may be eligible for funding from government agencies through the program.

As a co-op supervisor, you are required to:

  • Provide students with at least four months of degree related experience.
  • Provide mentorship, guidance and support to students during their placement.
  • Evaluate the student's performance and review their work report.
  • Provide a safe work environment where students can utilize and continue to develop their skills.
  • Provide feedback to student during and after their work term.

The Faculty of Arts Co-op Office supports you with your hiring needs by posting the job, promoting the opportunity, supporting interview logistics and providing on-campus interview rooms if needed—all free of charge. Once students begin their work terms, the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office supports their success in the workplace through advice and site visits.

See expectations for students.


Funding Opportunities

As a Co-op employer, you may also be eligible for provincial and federal subsidies and tax credits.

Manitoba Government - Paid Work Experience Tax Credits

The Paid Work Experience Tax Credits are a group of programs that help employers create work experience opportunities for students in Manitoba. There are two incentives for employers who hire students and graduates from registered co-operative education programs.

Co-op Students Hiring Incentive

The Co-op Students Hiring Incentive (COS-HI) is designed to provide work experience for students through co-operative education work placements. Employers who hire a student as part of a registered co-operative education program can claim 25% of wages and salaries, up to a maximum of $5,000 per student.

Co-op Graduates Hiring Incentive

The Co-op Graduates Hiring Incentive (COG-HI) is designed to connect graduates of registered co-operative education programs to full-time employment related to their field of study. Employers who hire and retain a graduate from a registered co-operative education program can claim up to 15% of wages and salaries in each of the first two full years of employment, to a maximum of $2,500 per graduate.

Student Work Placement Program (SWPP)

Introduced in 2017, the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) is offered to eligible employers in STEM and business to support quality student work placements. Employers receive up to 50% of the cost of wages (up to a max. of $5,000 per placement) and up to 70% of the cost of wages (up to a max. of $7,000 per placement) for under-represented students including women in STEM, Indigenous students, persons with disabilities and newcomers.

ECO Canada

ECO Canada offers a wage subsidy of up to 50% (maximum $5,000) to employers who hire current university or college students studying in the areas of Science Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) or Business. For an employment opportunity to be eligible for the funding, it must be 12-16 weeks in duration and possess an environmental capacity. Eligible employment opportunities could include work in sustainable design or green building.

Canada Summer Jobs

The Canada Summer Jobs initiative offers wage subsidies to employers who create summer job opportunities for secondary and post-secondary full-time students aged 15 to 30 who intend to return to their studies in the following academic year. Public and private sector employers may be eligible to receive funding for up to 100% of the provincial or territorial minimum hourly wage in addition to reimbursement of mandatory employment related costs.

For more information regarding your eligibility, application and forms required, the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office would be pleased to assist you in taking advantage of these financial incentives.


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If you would ilke more information about our Co-op Program, please feel free to contact us.

Faculty of Arts Co-op Office
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Angela Faulkner
Faculty of Arts Co-op Coordinator


Contact Us

Faculty of Arts Co-op Office
304 Tier Building

Angela Faulkner
Faculty of Arts Co-op Coordinator



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