Term Work and Grades

The University of Manitoba and the Faculty of Arts have established several policies related to managing and accommodating the needs of students as it relates to their course work and final grades.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with course content or timelines, it is advised that you address this with your instructor directly as a first-point of contact.  Normally, instructors have the best sense and means to offer assistance, permit an accommodation or will make a referral to an Arts Academic Advisor or other campus resources that can be of assistance to you.

Please see the information regarding Grades from the Registrar’s Office for further details on processes that may be applicable to you such as;

  • Obtaining your final grades,
  • Grading system and Grade Point Average,
  • Grade Policy.

Time Extensions for Term Work
If you are unable to complete the term work prescribed in a course, you may apply to the instructor prior to the end of lectures for an incomplete grade and time extension for work completion.

  • A time extension is given for outstanding course work that was due during the course.  This is different than your final exam.
  • Even if you are granted a time extension, you are still required to write your final exam as scheduled unless you have also been granted a deferred final examination.

To apply for a time extension for term work, you must complete the Request Time to Complete Term Work form and submit to your instructor no later than the last day of classes for the term. 

For further details on the process of time extension, please see the information regarding Grades from the Registrar’s Office.

Grade Appeals
If you are concerned about a grade you have receive either on term work or as a final grade, please consult as soon as possible with your instructor.

  • There may be numerous reasons why a grade may appear wrong or need a correction, or perhaps indicates further resources or assistance that can be offered. 
  • Talking with your instructor directly and as early as possible about a concern ensures the most timely and appropriate information will be provided.
  • There are deadlines that must be adhered to if a grade is to be formally appealed.  Please see the Grade Appeals information from the Registrar’s Office for further details.