Degree Planning

Arts Academic Advisors are your primary resources for planning your degree program. Advisors are here to help with course selection advice, providing confirmation of degree requirements and assessing your progress, assistance in finding and accessing campus resources to improve, expand and explore your opportunities while completing your studies.

We hope you'll connect with us during any point of your degree. Especially if you're looking to plan or make changes to your course selection. This is the perfect time to check-in and confirm that you have what you need, and where to go for more information.

Program Checks:

When completing a program check for you, an Arts Academic Advisor will use the UMAchieve degree audit system (where possible) to verify your completed coursework and identify remaining requirements.

UMAchieve is an online degree audit system that offers your the ability to look at both your current declared program AND alternative degree paths using a "what-if" feature. If you can't find your program lists, it's because it is not available in UMAchieve at this time. In that case, contact an Arts Academic Advisor to provide more information.

How to interpret the Arts UMAchieve Audit

Arts Academic Advisors are your official source of information and verification on your degree program and its completeness. The UMAchieve degree audit is a great resource to access information at your fingertips. When used with an Arts Academic Advisor, it can be explained and adjusted to provide you with a record of course work. Your official and final program checks/degree plans will always be determined by an Arts Academic Advisor for authority.

Degree Programs:

When you first enter the Faculty of Arts, you are placed in a B.A. General (3-Year) degree with an undeclared major and minor, unless you have applied for the B.A. Integrated Studies degree.

You are required to eventually declare your program of study with a major and minor, and with that, you can elect to enter the B.A. Advanced (4-Year) degree or the B.A. Honours (4-Year) degree once you meet the qualifying requirements.

See our Undergraduate Programs for a quick reference of the different degrees we offer and how they compare to each other.

Other resources we encourage students to engage with as part of your degree planning include: