Admission to Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers two admission entry routes for the Undergraduate Programs, which include the following:

Direct Entry

Applicants require minimum 85% average over the following, with no less than 60% in each course

  1. English 40S
  2. A second 40S course
  3. A third 40S course

Note: Completion of either Applied Mathematics 40S or Pre-Calculus 40S is not required for direct entry to the Faculty of Arts, but would facilitate registration in courses used to fulfill the University's mathematics requirements for graduation.

Advanced Entry - admission based on 24 credit hours or more of university course work

Applicants must have completed no fewer than 24 credit hours of university level coursework and must have achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Students who have completed 24 credit hours or more and who have not achieved at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average will be considered for admission on the basis of an adjusted grade point average.

An adjusted grade point average is calculated by using the best 24 credit hours of course work.  The average required on the best 24 credit hours would need to be a 2.00.

Students who have exceeded the maximum number of "F" grades permitted on courses acceptable for credit in Arts (i.e. 36 credit hours of F grades) should contact the Faculty of Arts for further information and advice. 

An external transfer student is one who has completed courses at another recognized post-secondary institution. External transfers can receive a maximum of two years (60 credit hours) of credit applied to a University of Manitoba degree, subject to Faculty regulations and requirements. Only work completed within the last ten years will be considered for transfer credit.

An internal transfer student is one who has completed courses in another faculty at the University of Manitoba. In most cases, there are no limits based on the amount of work that can be transferred or the date of original course completion.

Anyone who has been placed on academic suspension by another faculty, school, or external institution will not normally be admissible if less than one year has elapsed since he/she had been placed on suspension. The waiting period will be increased to two years if the student has been placed on suspension more than once in consecutive years.

Students who complete a first year in University 1, can transit to the Faculty of Arts following completion of 24 credit hours of university course work.

  • University 1 students can transit to the Faculty of Arts in Aurora in early June until their day of registration in Jule and/or August to for the Fall Term/Winter Term.
  • Requests to transit for Summer Term can be made to the Faculty of Arts directly.

For more information of the admission requirements, please see the Application Information Bulletins or contact the Admission Office.