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Rights, Race, and Ethnicity
Tina Chen is an Associate Professor of History and Co-coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Research Circle on Globalization and Cosmopolitanism. She is a specialist in Modern Chinese history, with a specific research interest in the social, political, and cultural norms that structure people’s engagement with society, nation-states, and international organizations and movements.  Her research addresses how rights of people have been part of socialist and post-socialist struggles in China, and the promises and limitations of particular rights frameworks and alliances across the twentieth century.

Serenity Joo is an Assistant Professor of English who investigates the ways in which Science Fiction literature can be used to critique society, especially in terms of race, gender and sexuality, and posit new possibilities for social arrangements.  

Mark Libin is an Associate Professor in the English Department.  His research surrounds post-colonialism and African literature as well as 19th and 20th century Canadian poetry.

Adele Perry is an Associate Professor of History.  She is a historian of women's and gender history, colonial history, and the histories of migration and immigration and her research focuses on north-western North America from the late eighteenth century to the early twentieth-century. Perry's new research project will examine liberal humanitarian critiques of British imperialism in the fur-trade territories.

Ravi Vaitheespara is an Associate Professor of History, in particular modern South Asian History.  Some of his recent research centers on human rights issues such as identity-based politics, violence and the state repression of the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka.  

Lori Wilkinson is an Associate Professor of Sociology whose focus is social justice and social inequality as it relates to immigrant and refugee communities worldwide.  She currently holds the position of Economic and Labour Market Domain Leader for the Metropolis Project.



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