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Theories of Rights and Rights Norms

David Churchill is an Associate Professor of History principally interested in the ways that different marginalized groups, such as homosexuals, have sought to secure Human Rights protections through political activism and organizing.

Radhika Desai is a Professor of Political Studies.  Her research emphasizes the destructive consequences of inequality, oppression, poverty and deprivation and the critical importance of democratic political activity, and of deepening and broadening democracy, in ending them. 

Steven Lecce is an Associate Professor of Political Studies.  His research agenda and interests include contemporary political theory; theories of social and distributive justice; the ethical bases of liberalism; democratic theory; and children, families, and the state.

George MacLean is the Department Head and a Professor of Political Studies.  His work is in International Relations, research and publishing in the field of human security.   

Neil McArthur is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy.  His current research focuses on how philosophers of the eighteenth century conceived of the nature and role of government.  In addition, he is preparing a manuscript on the history of philosophical treatments of the concept of human rights.

Dana Medoro is an Associate Professor of English whose research centers on the definition of the human as a category of  living beings separate from other animals and how that category  ritualizes rights of membership to include or exclude such entities as fetal life, women, and non-human animals.

Chris Powell is an Assistant Professor of Sociology.  He researches historical sociology of genocide, a meta-theoretical examination of concepts of social structure, especially complex system theory and relational sociology. The third is a critical sociology of knowledge that traces out how truths are socially established through power struggles.

Arthur Schafer is a Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics.  His areas of research include professional and applied ethics; bioethics; environmental and business ethics; and legal ethics. He has published many scholarly articles and book chapters with focus on research ethics.




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