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Historical Injustices/Criminal Justice/Crimes of War


Joyce Chadya is an Assistant Professor of African History whose research deals with social justice and the rights of women and children in post-colonial contexts. 

Elizabeth Comack is a Professor of Sociology who has focused her research program over the last three decades on social justice and social equality. Presently, as a Co-Investigator on a SSHRC/CURA-sponsored project, she is engaged in interdisciplinary, community-based, collaborative research that is aimed at uncovering strategies for solving the deepening and increasingly complex problems of poverty and social exclusion in Manitoba’s inner-city and Aboriginal communities—especially in relation to justice, safety, and security.

Stephan Jaeger is an Associate Professor of German Studies.  He is interested in the relationships between literature, history and historiography and is currently co-editing the volume Fighting Words and Images: Representing War across the Disciplines to be published in the fall of 2011 by University of Toronto Press.

Adam Muller is an Associate Professor in the Department of English, Film, and Theatre.  In his research, Dr. Muller is preoccupied with rights issues arising from the (sometimes violent) collisions of moral, aesthetic, political, and strategic discourses in works of art, especially works of narrative fiction and film.  

Katherine Starzyk is an Assistant Professor in the Social-Personality Area of the Department of Psychology.  Her SSHRC-funded research investigates the psychological underpinnings of people's support for reparations for historically harmed groups. 

Andrew Woolford is an Associate Professor of Sociology.  He is interested in the study of genocide as it relates to criminology and restorative justice.  He has received SSHRC funding to study the effects of neoliberal policy on inner city residents.   



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