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Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination

Kathleen Buddle is an Associate Professor of Anthropology. She has published extensively on the cultural history of media activism in Canadian “Indian Country,” and on cultural performance and politics in the production of urban indigenous localities.  She is currently engaged in collaborative research with a Winnipeg-based Native grandmother’s council, documenting the women’s efforts to intervene in the lives of sexually exploited street youth, and to curb violence against children.

Jarvis Brownlie
is an Associate Professor of History who is currently engaged in a research project concerning the ways that oral history is handled when it is advanced in Aboriginal legal cases pertaining to treaty and Aboriginal rights and is also a co-investigator for a SSHRC-funded research project on the oral history of northern Manitoba treaties.

Warren Cariou is an Associate Professor of English whose work is focused on exploring new ways of understanding and combating human rights abuses that have been directed toward indigenous people. His SSHRC Research/Creation Project, "Re-Storying the Human Zoo" is about the ways in which indigenous people in the Nineteenth Century were constructed in terms of natural history discourses, to such an extreme that they were sometimes displayed in zoos alongside animals.

Jean Friesen is an Associate Professor of History who specializes in Aboriginal History, treaties, and rights. She has published many works, including “Magnificent Gifts: The Treaties of Canada with Indians of the Northwest, 1869-76” (2004) as well as been a Member of the Legislative Assembly from 1990-2003.

Peter Kulchyski is a Professor of Native Studies.  His research is dedicated to the advancement of Aboriginal and treaty rights.  He has published a collection of court cases on Aboriginal rights, his co-authored book "Tammarniit" won a prize for human rights and his award winning "Like the Sound of a Drum" is a defense of Dene and Inuit rights.

Kiera Ladner is an Associate Professor of Political Studies.  Her research project on constitutional reconciliation examines the potential for political reconciliation between Indigenous nations and the settler state in the present given the long history of injustice, discrimination, oppression, domination, regime replacement and the (attempted) destruction of nations; a history often referred to as political genocide.

Fabiana Li is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology.  Her research interests focus on environmental politics, social movements, conflicts over resource extraction and a regional specialization in Latin America and especially Peru.

Fiona MacDonald is an Assistant Professor of Political Studies whose research pertains to Indigenous politics and multiculturalism.  She is currently working on a book manuscript for UBC press entitled "Democratic Multinationalism: Reimagining State-Indigenous  Relations in Canada."



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