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Gender, Sexuality, and Rights

 Benjamin Baader is an Assistant Professor of History.  His research focuses on the history of the Jewish people, in particular in Germany during the first half of the 19th century and in relation to gender.

Joyce Chadya is an Assistant Professor of African History whose research deals with social justice and the rights of women and children in post-colonial contexts.  

David Churchill is an Associate Professor of History interested in the United States and the history of sexuality.  He investigates ways in which marginalized groups have sought Human Rights protections through political activism. 

Shawna Ferris is an Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies who researches feminist cultural studies and critical race theory.  Her current research examines activism centered around missing and murdered women in the Canadian West.

The University of Manitoba Women’s and Gender Studies Department and the University of Manitoba’s Womyn’s Centre presented an event at the Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre to discuss the status of sex work and the law in Canada. Shawna Ferris, near right, (Women’s and Gender Studies) welcomed the guests and introduced the speakers, Dr. Karen Busby, far right, (Law) and Amy Lebovitch, a spokesperson for the Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC). Ferris_Busby

Susan Frohlick is an Associate Professor of Anthropology whose recent URGP funded work tries to understand the relationships between sexuality, commerce and tourism in Costa Rica.  In addition, she is involved with a CIHR funded project to produce a series of workshops to address discrimination and sexuality in Winnipeg. 

Liz Millward is an Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies currently researching the historical struggle of lesbians in Canada to establish communities and autonomous lesbian spaces. 

Susan Prentice is an Associate Professor interested in feminist sociology who studies family, gender and public policy.  She is currently involved in two SSHRC-funded projects, "FemNorthNet: Learning From Women's Experiences Of Community Transformations as a Result of Economic Restructuring" and "Advancing Work-Family Reconciliation: Framing Gender And Generational Justice Across Canadian and European Social Movements and Policy."

Janice Ristock is Associate VP (Research) and Professor of Women's and Gender Studies whose research has explored various aspects of gender, health, and sexuality. Recently, her work has examined experiences of homophobia for Two-Spirited women in the context of HIV/AIDS treatment, health, wellness and mobility among Aboriginal Two-Spirit and LGBTQ peoples, and perceptions of intimate partner violence among lesbian, disabled and separated women. She is currently co-investigator on a new project exploring teachers' perceptions of inclusive education in gender and sexuality.




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