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Environmental Rights


Mark Hudson is an Assistant Professor of Sociology engaged in research on the “fair trade” system, which aims to reduce the systemic social injustices of contemporary forms of commodity production and exchange.

Fabiana Li is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology.  Her research interests focus on environmental politics, social movements, conflicts over resource extraction and a regional specialization in Latin America and especially Peru.

Rod Kueneman is an Associate Professor of Sociology who has devoted his research career to the analysis of the flaws in social institutional arrangements which cause systemic and structurally generated harm for human beings living within them. His current efforts are directed at locating living community demonstrations of social arrangements that promote the well being of all its members.

Peter Kulchyski is a Professor in the Department of Native Studies.  His research is dedicated to the advancement of Aboriginal and treaty rights.  He has published a collection of court cases on Aboriginal rights, his co-authored book "Tammarniit" won a prize for human rights and his award winning "Like the Sound of a Drum" is a defense of Dene and Inuit rights.