English-language Secondary Sources
Modern Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian History
compiled by
Orest T. Martynowych

The two bibliographies on this page have been prepared with students and researchers in mind. They present a fairly comprehensive selection of English-language secondary sources (monographs, collections, and scholarly periodical articles) on modern Ukrainian history from 1848 to the present, and on Ukrainian-Canadian history from its origins in the 1890s to the present.   An effort has been made to identify and include a representative selection of the most recent publications in both rapidly expanding fields

The first bibliography, on modern Ukraine from the middle of the nineteenth century to the present, focuses on the history of ethnic Ukrainians, but it also includes a representative selection of articles and monographs that reflect the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nature of pre-1940s Ukraine, where Ukrainians usually lived side by side with Jews, Poles, Mennonites or Russians.  Much of the most illuminating recent scholarship on modern Ukrainian history has been produced by historians of various ethnic and national backgrounds, who have broadened the focus of their research to include all of Ukraine’s inhabitants.  While this bibliography will be of interest primarily to students of modern Ukrainian history, it also provides indispensable contextual and background material for students and researchers with an interest in Ukrainian-Canadian history.

I. Modern History of Ukraine, 1848-Present:
A List of English-language Secondary Sources
(Monographs, Collections, Articles)

1. 1848-1914
A. Austrian Ukraine, 1848-1914
B.  Russian Ukraine, 1848-1914
2. War and Revolution in Ukraine, 1914-1923
3. The Interwar Years, 1923-1939
A. Politics, Society and Culture in Western Ukrainian Lands, 1923-1939
B. Politics, Society and Culture in Soviet Ukraine 1923-1939
C. The Great Famine (Holodomor) in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933
4. World War Two and the Holocaust in Ukraine, 1939-1945
5. Soviet Ukraine, 1945-1991
6. Independent Ukraine, 1991-present


The second bibliography, on Ukrainian-Canadian history, focuses on secondary sources that deal specifically with the history of Ukrainians in Canada.  However, it also includes a selection of seminal monographs and articles, primarily by Canadian social, labour, church and political historians, who have integrated the experiences of Ukrainian-Canadian immigrants, homesteaders, migrant labourers, urban workers, refugees and political activists, into their work.  Because of the time and effort required, it does not include a list of  the many excellent and indispensable historical monographs and articles on Canadian society, culture and politics that do not mention Ukrainian Canadians directly but help to place their experience in the broader context of Canadian history. Those who consult the bibliography will also notice that there is a dearth of monographs and articles on the period after the early 1950s.  Most of the published work on the post-1945 period has been produced by political scientists and sociologists, and it focuses on political, social, economic and cultural trends.

II. Ukrainian-Canadian History, 1891-Present:
A List of English-language Secondary Sources
(Monographs, Collections, Articles)

1. General Reference Works
A. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries
B. Textbooks: Ukraine & Ukrainian Diaspora
C. Textbooks: Canada
D. Historical Atlases: Ukraine
E. Historical Atlases: Canada
F. Collections of Readings and Documents
G. Statistical Works
H. Brief Overviews
I.  Illustrated Books
2. Memoirs, Reminiscences, Journalism, Personal Reflections, Popular History
3. Historiography
4. Background to Immigration
5. Migration, Settlement and Labour, 1892-1914
6. The Catholic Church and Ukrainian Immigrants, 1895-1916
7. “Canadianizing” the Ukrainian Immigrant: 
Protestant Missions and Public Schools, 1896-1920
8. Community Building and Political Activity, 1896-1920s
9. War, Internment and the Labour Revolt, 1914-1923
10. The Formation of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church in Canada
and Interdenominational Conflict, 1918-1939
11. Interwar Migration, Settlement and Society, 1919-39
12. A Divided Community: Political Polarization, 1919-39
13. Culture, the Performing Arts and Recreation, 1914-1945
14. The Second World War, 1939-1945
15. The Third Wave: Refugees and Displaced Persons, 1945-53
16. Postwar  Politics, Society, Culture and Religion, 1945-present
A. Politics
B. Social Trends
C. Culture, Education and Community Organizations
D. Religion
17. Neighbours: Ukrainian Relations with Jews, Poles and Mennonites in Canada
18. Dissertations and Theses Directly Relevant to Ukrainian-Canadian History

  • History
  • Literature
  • Folklore
  • Religion