Events 2012

 November 21, 2012

'Holodomor film Genocide Revealed/Okradena Zemlya’
by producer/director Yurij Luhovy at University of Manitoba (St. Andrew’s College)


 November 20, 2012

'Holodomor: Issues in Research and Commemoration' lecture at University of Manitoba (St. John’s College)


 October 9, 2012

Director of National Memorial Museum “Lonsky St. Prison” in Lviv Mr. Ruslan Zabily lecture on "The Contemporary State of Archives, Museums and Academic Freedom in Ukraine" at University of Manitoba by Central and East European Studies - UofM, and the Dept. of Germany and Slavic Studies - UofM.


 October 3,

 Tarnawecky presented a lecture - Reeital "Recent Treds in Ukrainian Piano Music in Ukraine and Canada" by Drs. Luba and Ireneus Zuk at Eva Clare Hall, School of Music, UofM.


 September 16, 2012

Convocation and Awards Ceremony 2012


 May 27, 2012

Halyna Kravtchouk book launch of "My Village in Ukraine" at Oseredok by Alpha Omega Alumnae, League of Ukrainian Canadians, Wpg. Branch


 April 3, 2012

Ukraine at the Crossroads Panel Meeting organized by Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Manitoba Concil, Canada Ukraine Fdn.


 April 1, 2012

 Ewanchuk Book Launch: "TRAILBLAZERS: The lives and times of Michael Ewanchuk and Muriel (Smith) Ewanchuk", by Dr John Lehr and David McDowell, co-sponsored by Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Winnipeg 

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 March 11, 2012

A talk by Mykola Riabchuk: 

"Breaking a vicious circle: Ukraine between dysfunctional democracy and reckless authoritarianism"

Holy Family Nursing Home - Link Dining Room 165 Aberdeen Ave., Winnipeg, Co-sponsored by Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Wpg. /Man. Council, Ukrainian Studies, Dept of German and Slavic Studies, UofM, and Ukrainian Academy of Artsand Sciences (UVAN)


 March 16, 2012

 A talk by Dr. Svitlana Kukharenko - "Abnormal Death Memorials in Ukraine: A Folkloristic Perspective", at the UofM, co-sponsored by Central and East European Studies - UofM

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 January 29, 2012

 A presentation by Dr. Svitlana Kukharenko (in Ukrainian) at Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre (184 Alexander Ave. E), co-sponsored by Central and East European Studies - UofM

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