Courses 2008 - 2009

Making of Modern Ukraine - HIST 2610 (3 cr. hr.) 
Instructor: Dr. Davis Daycock  
Mon 7-10pm
Location: TBA

Introduction to Ukraine - HIST 2600  (3 cr. hr.)
Instructor: TBA
Time: Mon 7-10pm
Location: TBA

Ukrainians in Canada - HIST 3910 (3 cr. hr.) 
Instructor: O. Shevchenko
Time: Tue 7-10pm
Locatoin: TBA

History of Eastern Christianity - RLGN 1350 (6 cr. hr) 
Instructor: Dr. Roman Yereniuk
Time: M/W/F 9:30-10:20am
Location: TBA

Government, Politics and Society in Ukraine - POLS 3140 (3 cr. hr.) 
Instructor: Dr. Lasha Tchantouridze
Time: Tue 10am - 12:50pm 
Location: Room D, St. Andrew's College

Economy of Ukraine - ECON 2510 (3 cr. hr.) 
Instructor: Dr. G. Chuchman
Time: Tue/Thu 2:30-3:50pm
Location: TBA

Early Byzanine Art and Architecture - FAAH 3280  (3 
Instructor: Dr. J. Bugslag
Time: TBA 
Location: TBA