25th Anniversary

Listen to the Unknown Koshetz performed by the Olexander Koshetz Choir of Winnipeg.
Listen to Mazeppa by Balfe performed by the University of Manitoba Women's Choir.

Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies 25th Anniversary Concert

The Other Koshetz and The Page: A cantata from Mazeppa by Michael Balfe.
Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies, 25th Anniversary Concert,
St. John's College Chapel, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, March 26, 2006.

 A crowd of over 300 (including both chancellor William Norrie and president Emoke Szathmary of the University of Manitoba) filled the St. John's College Chapel on the campus for a special performance. First, the event marked 25 years of the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies as a unit of the University of Manitoba. Second, the program proved to be a significant exploration of the influence of Ukrainian music on world culture.

The first part of the program featured the Olexander Koshetz Choir of Winnipeg performing from the unknown repertoire of Olexander Koshetz, namely his "choral orchestrations" of the music of Hawaii, United States, French Canada, Scotland and First Nations.

The second part of the program featured the University of Manitoba Women's Choir under Henry Engbrecht performing an unknown 1862 cantata on the Mazeppa legend, by Irish composer Michael Balfe, to an English text, and on a Ukrainian theme!

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See the 24 page programme, including the complete libretto.

Concert invitation

The Centre gratefully acknowledges its sponsors:
Joe Brain Foundation,
SUS Foundation of Canada,
Mymka Endowment Fund at the University of Manitoba,
Solsun Endowment Fund,
Wasyl Topolnicky Memorial Foundation,
Taras Shevchenko Foundation