Honour’s and Pre-Master’s Student Theses


Kwene Appah “Lost in Translation: How Lack of Fluency in their Heritage Tongue Affects 2nd Generation Immigrant Identity” (L. Wilkinson, supervisor)

Abbie Dessler “Shifting the Lens: An Analysis on the Outcomes of Intimate Partner Violence in Contemporary Society” (J. Ursel, supervisor).

Isabel Dibb “The Curated Self: An Examination of Gender Stereotypes via Self-Presentation” (S. Bookman, supervisor)

Cerah Dubé “The Overincarceration of Indigenous Women: From Responsibilization to Healing” (E. Comack, supervisor)

Ho Yin Fan “How Does Foreign Credential Recognition Affect Immigrants’ Upward Mobility in the Canadian Labour Market” (L. Wilkinson, supervisor)

Cheyenne Slonowski “Redefining Mental Disorder in Ghana” (C. Fries, supervisor)

Alexandra Stephensen “Vulnerable Victims: Specialized Needs and Social Responses” (J. Ursel, supervisor)

Cyma Tolaj “Reborn Again: Addressing Corporal Punishment in Post-war Kosovo” (J. Durrant, supervisor)

Paul Turner “Mental Health Issues in Members of the Canadian Armed Forces” (T. Peter, supervisor)

Diana Anthony Ubokudom “Many Are Called, None are Chosen: The Underrepresentation of Indigenous People on Juries in the Canadian Court System” (F. Cormier, supervisor)


Serena Bittner “Forgotten but not gone: Psychosocial and emotional care for residents in care homes” (L. Funk, supervisor)

Victoria Davies “Education for Democracy or Education for the Market?  Manitoba’s New Community Schools” (M. Fridell, supervisor)

Danielle Friesen “Youth in Trouble: Contradictions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Jaed Garingarao “Towards an Ecofeminist Approach to Social Reconstruction: Rethinking the Problem of Safety in Sustainable Transportation” (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Emily Gerbrandt “Governing Bodies: A Visual Analysis of Colonial Patriarchy in Manitoban Indian Residential Schools from 1920 to 1950” (A. Woolford, supervisor)

David McDermid “Offences Against the Administration of Justice in Canada: Toward a New Conceptualization of an Old Problem” (F. Cormier, supervisor)

Kevin Molina “Inequality between the Rich and the Poor: The Demise of the Nanny State and the Rise of the Daddy State” (E. Comack, supervisor)

Chantel Nygaard “Sex Cells: Understanding the HIV/AIDS Pandemic Amongst Female Sex Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa” (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Jason Pchajek “Just One More Hand: Exploring the Validity and Predictive Capability of the GMQ-F Among University Gamblers” (L. Roberts, supervisor)

Olivia Peters “Policing Hidden Crimes: Preventing Domestic Violence Recidivism Through Focused Deterrence” (R. Linden, supervisor)

Veronica Sharkey “Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Mexico” (A. Desmarais, supervisor)

Shawn Singh “Knowledge Corporations of Manitoba: Privatization of the Public University” (M. Fridell, supervisor)


Megan Campbell “The Social Construction of a Disorder: How ADHD might be Understood Using a Foucauldian Discourse Analysis” (C. Fries, supervisor)

Evan Chrusch “Putting a Stop to the ‘Revolving Door of Justice’: Strategies for Reducing the Recidivism Rate of Canada’s Non-Violent Federal Offenders” (F. Cormier, supervisor)

Jackson Fojut “Lost in Translation: Factors Affecting Newcomer Satisfaction with Language Learning Programs in Canada” (L Wilkinson, supervisor)

Sarah Francis “Social and Legal Change: A Study of Marijuana Legalization in Canada”
(F. Cormier, supervisor)

Wanda Hounslow “In The Name of Progress and Power: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Settler-Colonial Regulation and Discipline in Print Media” (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Angie Mojica “The Businessman and the Community: A Comparative Case Study of Gentrification in Winnipeg’s Exchange District and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside”
(S. Bookman, supervisor)

Gage Murray “Tolerance or Militancy: A Discourse Analysis of Online Comments in the Straight Edge Movement” (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Jessica Nagy “Police Response to Civil Disobedience: A Case Study of Four Canadian Protests” (R. Linden, supervisor)

Imalka Nilmalgoda “Constructions of Brutality: King, Brown and Racialized Representations in the New York Times” (S. Bookman, supervisor)

Kaitlyn Obedzinski “Fiddling Together: Youth, Community, and Cultural Impacts of ‘The Frontier Fiddling Program’ in Northern Manitoba” (M. Fridell, supervisor)

Amanda Paquet “The Presentation of Self: The Portrayal of Masculinity and Femininity on Online Dating Sites” (S. Bookman, supervisor)

Cassidy Peleuses “Families that Work: A comparative analysis of parental leave policy in Canada, the United States, and Sweden” (S. Prentice, supervisor)

Jamie Tone “Conflicting Realities: When Media and Criminal Justice Collide” (F. Cormier, supervisor)

Bernard Zulu “New Directions to Effectively Address the Problem of Hyperincarceration of Indigenous Populations of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand”
(R. Smandych, supervisor)


Jeffrey Biegun “Living Dangerously: Analyzing the Relationship between Homelessness and Victimization in Canada” (T. Peter, supervisor)

Corey Chan “Restoring a Nation through the Needs of the Victims of the Rwandan Genocide” (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Taurai Chimwanda “A Comparative Study of Youth Justice Systems and Immigrant Youth Crime and Prevention” (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Candace Corroll “Gendercide of Aboriginal Girls in Canadian Residential Schools” (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Noelle Dietrich “Restorative Justice and Technologies of Power: A Study of the Victim in Society” (C. Axelrod, supervisor)

Jamie Dueck “the Case for Gender Equality: Investigating How Childcare Promotes Gender Discrimination” (S. Prentice, supervisor)

Tamara Edkins “Stop the Hate: Understanding Hate Crime Trends in Canada” (T. Peter, supervisor)

Brandy Falkevich “Black Widows of the Islamic State: Women’s Involvement in Contemporary Terrorism” (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Keelin Griffin “Neoliberalism and the People’s Home: The Erosion of Social Citizenship in Welfare Policy” (M. Fridell, supervisor)

Jonathan Lipson “Does Problem Gambling Affect Health Status? (J. Edgerton, supervisor)

Brittany Minne “Feminist Prisons? A Social History of Federally Incarcerated Women” (E. Comack, supervisor)

Ella Rockar “Descamisados y Piqueteros: The Impact of the Labour Movement on the Argentine Welfare State” (J. Mignone, supervisor)

Erin Scott “Old Age Insecurity? Portrayals of Retirees and Retirement in Canadian Print Newspapers” (L. Funk, supervisor)

Claudia Serré “Seeking the Answer: A Cambodian Case Study” (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Mitchell Smith “Oil Development: Escaping the Resource Curse” (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Caitlyn Stevens “Corporal Punishment: A Canadian Socio-Legal Comparison” (J. Durrant, supervisor)

Ranju Upadhyaya “Ferguson: A Case Study of Pacification” (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Steven Yurkowski “Positive Mental Health: The Impact of Pathological Indicators of Illness on the Subjective Well-being of Canadians” (T. Peter, supervisor)

Jason Zweiban “Altering Perceptions: An Investigation into the Stigmatization of Hallucinogenic Drugs” (F. Cormier, supervisor)


Adeyemi, Olalade.  "Political Corruption in Post-Colonial Nigeria: An Analysis of Causes and Proposed Solutions" (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Adolphe, Craig.  "Lights Out for the Capitalist World Economy: Incorporating Energy Scarcity Into World-Systems Analysis" (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Carevic, Mateja.  "Constructing ‘Deviant’ Immigrant Youth: Media Framing and Policing in Canada, UK, and Australia" (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Dansereau, Lisette.  "
Why Are There So Few Female Engineers?: A Cultural Analysis of Occupational Prestige and Gender" (L. Roberts, supervisor)

Dejaeger, Sara Marie.  "Closing the Door to Diversity: An Examination of Canadian Refugee Law" (E. Comack, supervisor)

Dowle, Douglas.  "The Marginalization of Aboriginal Populations in Canada as Resulting from Subaltern Relent to the Effects of Ongoing Cultural Genocide" (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Eliasova, Veronika.  "Governing Genetically Modified Crops: Global Political Economy of GMOs and Political Power of Biotechnology Corporation" (A. Desmarais, supervisor)

Fraser, Kaitlin.  "A Path Analysis of Problem Gambling in Young Adults" (J. Edgerton, supervisor)

Leggett, Damien.  "‘At Least You Have A Healthy Baby’: Birth Trauma, Manufactured Crises, and the Denial of Women’s Experience in Childbirth" (C. Fries, supervisor)

Pelletier, Marc.  "Violence in Hockey: From ‘Part of the Game’ to a Criminal Offense" (D. Spencer, supervisor)

Simoens, Jacob.  "Public Discourse on the Sexual Assault Charges against Ben Johnson of the Windsor Spitfires" (D. Spencer, supervisor)

Zaslawski, Zina.  "A Multiple Regression Analysis of Risk Factors for Alcohol Abuse Among Canadian University Students" (J. Edgerton, supervisor)


Jon Bilan. "As Real as it Gets; An Analysis of Brand Management Strategies and Cultural Mythologies of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)" (D. Spencer, supervisor)

Ryan Catte. "The Thin Blue Line, Memorialisation, and a Closed Door: An Investigation of the Winnipeg Police Museum" (D. Spencer, supervisor)

Tracey Corner. "The Open Method of Coordination, Civic Literacy and Europe 2020: Improving the Quality of Life of European Citizens" (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Oluwatosin Daodu. "Aboriginal Youth Gangs in Manitoba: Prevention and Evaluation" (R.Smandych, supervisor)

James Gacek. ""What is the Truth?": Assessing the Adequacy of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions for the Reconstruction of Post-Conflict Societies" (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Jill Patterson. "Is Canada Becoming More Punitive?: A Discourse Analysis of the Safe Streets and Communities Act"  (D. Spencer, supervisor)

Matthew Sanscartier. "Food Fit for Royalty: Corporate Cohesion, Power, and the Decline of Canadian Food Sovereignty" (M. Hudson, supervisor)


Alicia Bishop. “Childcare in Canada: Changing the way we see the Live-In Caregiver Program” (S. Prentice, supervisor)

Ryan Coulling. “A Taste for McDonald’s: A Social Theory for an Everyday Food Choice”
(C. Powell, supervisor)

Michelle Gorea. “Social Implications of Participation in Virtual Realities” (S. Bookman, supervisor)

Daniel Levin. “Urban Street Gangs: A Product of Marginality and Social Exclusion”
(E. Comack, supervisor)

Scott McCulloch. “Branding and Society: Understanding the Role of Brands in Social Life” (S. Bookman, supervisor)

Shauna Zinnick. “Home Care: An Examination of Regional and Provincial Variations” L. Funk, supervisor)



Mariah Baldwin. "Start Early to Break the Cycle of Poverty:  Early CHildhood Education in Winipeg's Inner City" (J. Silver, supervisor)

Sheri Bell. "Independence theory of isolations and exclusion of older adults: A Manitoba analysis" (A. Segall, supervisor)

Danielle Carriere. "Alberta and Norway: A Historical Comparative Analysis of Oil Policies and Regulations" (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Tiffany Hall. "Consumerism and Society: The Missing Theoretical Link to the Future" (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Jenna Jones. "It's All About Appearances: Gender Performance on the Reality Television Program America's Next Top Model" (S. Bookman, supervisor) 

Nicole Palidwor. "Hip-Hop is Happenin': Communicative Action, Just TV, & the Creation of the Conditions for Change" (A. Woolford, supervisor)

Yi (Jack) Shen. "Problem Gamblers and Their Choice of Gambling Activities Based on Age" (L. Roberts, supervisor)


Vanessa Ahing. “Fair Trade: Who Has Power?”  (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Evan Bowness. “Public Participation in Natural Resource Protection: A Critical Comparison of Institutionalized Citizen Power in Western Canadian Jurisdictions” (M. Hudson, supervisor)

Paul Catteeuw. “Top-Down or Bottom-up: An Analysis of the SCPI in Winnipeg and Vancouver” (S. Prentice, supervisor)

Rachell Dolynchuck. “Regime Change” in Canadian Midwifery: A Cross-Provincial Investigation” (S. Prentice, advisor)

Tracey Groenewegen. “Environmental Policy in Canada, the United States and Sweden: A Qualitative Comparison” (R. Kueneman, supervisor)

Alyssa Hung. “Sex, Power and Identity: The Development of Same-Sex Adoptive Rights in Canada” (C. Powell, supervisor)

Marcelino, Luahati. “The Feminization of Migrant Caregiving Labour in Canada: A Comparative Analysis of the Barriers and Vulnerabilities Faced by Vilipina Nurses and Live-in Care-givers” (L. Wilkinson, supervisor)

Blake Minaker. “Derockracy Now: Democratization, New Media Technology and Music in Manitoba” (S. Bookman, supervisor)

Adam Scrutton. “Locating the New Zealand Welfare State” (G. Olsen, supervisor)

Sharon Taylor. “Heterosexism and How it Affects Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Queer Homeless Youth” (T. Peter, supervisor)


Wendy Aujla. “Content Analysis of Domestic Violence among Immigrant Women in Canada” (L. Wilkinson, supervisor).

Meaghen Boiteau. “‘I feel like the strange on here because I don’t have a lovlie yet’: Impression Management Strategies on The Doll Forum” (S. Prentice, supervisor).

Rana Bokhari. “The Effect of the Youth Criminal Justice Act on Incarceration Rates” (F. Cormier, supervisor).

Natasha Stecy-Hildebrandt. “Family and Work at the University of Manitoba” (S Prentice & M. Morray [Psychology] supervisors).

Suzanne Latchmin. “Immigrant Civil Liberty Offences: Examining The Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act and the USA Patriot Act” (L Wilkinson, supervisor).

Alicia Sosa Lerin.  “Indigenous Land Policies in Mexico and Brazil: Is Neoliberalism the All-Encompassing Doctrine? (A. Woolford, supervisor).

Tim Melnyk,. “Differences Between ‘Responsible Gambling’ Definitions In Canada and Australia” (S. Prentice, supervisor).

Konstantin Petoukhov.  “Justice Self-Determination of the Navajo and the Mohawk Nations: A Comparative Case Study” (A. Woolford, supervisor).

Jack Phiri“The Challenges of Grandparenting in the context of HIV/AIDS in Kenya” (S. Shooshtari [Family Social Sciences] supervisor).

Aimee Pochinco.  “Comparing the Impacts of Globalization on the Quality of Life in Mexico, Argentina, and Venezuela” (M. Martinez [French, Spanish & Italian] supervisor).

Joelle Shelton“A Discourse Analysis of the Media Representation of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama” (S. Bookman, supervisor).

Ashley Smith. “Homelessness in a Liberal Welfare State: A Comparative Analysis of the Social Housing Policies of Quebec and Ontario” (G. Olsen, supervisor).

Danielle Sullivan. “From Private to Public: A Sociological Examination of Marijuana Dependency and Social Well-Being” (T. Peter, supervisor).

Dan Wiebe. “The Marijuana Menace: Changing Conceptions of Risk in Public Health Discourse” (C. Fries, supervisor).


Shawn Baker. “Investigation into Healthy Aging: Structure versus Agency” (A. Segall, supervisor).

Justine Brisebois. “Feminine Agents: Active Consumption Practices in Vogue” (S. Prentice, supervisor).

Jennifer Dengate.  “The Mental Health Experiences of Women in Canada” (L. Wilkinson, aupervisor).

Rachel Heinrichs. Look Who’s Talking: The News Media and Gangs in Winnipeg” (E. Comack, supervisor).

Jocelyn Lalonde. “If It Bleeds It Leads” (F. Cormier, supervisor).

Kellie Liebrecht.  “Advertising Media: Turning Over a New Corporate Leaf?” (S. Bookman, supervisor).

James Lyons. “Community Economic Development: A Strategy to Combat Inner City Decline in Winnipeg” (S. Prentice, supervisor).

Ryan McEhloes. “Doctrine of Indifference: Protestant Fundamentalist Attitudes towards the Environment” (K. Mackendrick [Religion] supervisor).

Ian K. McLeod. “The Potential of Restorative Justice for Addressing Youth Auto Theft in Winnipeg” (A. Woolford, supervisor).

Charles Mulvenna. “Mobilizing Terror: An Analysis of al Qaeda” (A. Woolford, supervisor).

Ashleigh Pearson. “Lost in the Streets: Aboriginal Females and the Sex Trade” (E. Comack, supervisor)

Kaeleigh Schroeder. “The Hérouxville Controversy: Democratic Racism in Canada” (L. Wilkinson, supervisor).

Nicholas Weselowski. “Relevant Counterfactuals: The Co-operative Model as an Alternative to the Capitalist Mode of Production” (J. Guard [Labour Studies] supervisor).


Meagan Dueck“The Truth About Children in Industrialized Nations: A Comparative Analysis of Children’s Rights in Sweden, Canada and the United States” (J. Senehi [Mauro Centre for Peace/Justice] supervisor).

Avery Dyck. “Degrees of Accessibility: A Comparison of the Role of the Welfare State in Higher Education for Canada, Germany, Japan and Sweden” (G. Olsen, supervisor).

Fadi Ennab. “Newsflash: Exploring Media Coverage of Child Care and the 2006 Federal Election” (S. Prentice, supervisor)

Heather Noga. “Mental Health and Illness in Canada and Sweden: A Comparative Analysis” (A. Segall, supervisor)

Daniel Olson. “Prairie Child Care:  Regulated Child Care in Manitoba & Saskatchewan - A Sociological Analysis” (S. Prentice, supervisor).

Greta Palmerson. “Where Does Iceland Fit? A Comparative Study of Social Welfare States(G. Olsen, supervisor).

Sylvia Park. “An Archeology of a Faith-Permeated and Secular Social Service Organization for the Intellectually Disabled” (C. Fries, supervisor).

Gregory Tachnak. “Incarceration Rates and the Welfare State: A Comparative Analysis of Finland, Britain and the United States” (S. Brickey, supervisor).

Jasmine Thomas. “Effects of Grade Placement on the Academic Achievements of Immigrant Youth in Canada” (L. Wilkinson, supervisor).

Andrea Wong. “The Mystery Murders of Ciudad Juárez: An Analysis of Globalization, Machismo, and Other Social Constructions as Contributing Factors” (J. Chodkiewicz [Anthropology] supervisor).



Michelle Albl. “Prostitution in the Welfare Model: ‘A Good Fit?’: A Comparison of Sweden, Germany and the United States” (S. Prentice, supervisor).

Jessica Antony. “Who is in the Saddle?: The Effects of Feminism on the Representation of Women in Film”  (B. Austin-Smith [English] supervisor).

Julie Foucreault. “Afghanistan’s and Columbia’s Drug Cultivation Epidemic: Structural Commonalities as a Cause” (L. Wilkinson, supervisor)

Susan Funk. “An Intra-Regime Analysis of Foster Policies and Practices: A Comparison of Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec” (S. Prentice, supervisor).

Mark Hanly.  “Transnational Policing as a Form of Nodal Governance in the European Context” (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Heather Henley, “An Assessment of the Value of Social Capital in Impacting the Educational Outcomes of Indigenous People in Canada and New Zealand” (Javier Mignone [Family Social Sciences] supervisor)

Jodi Koffman. “Juvenile Justice Legislation in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Analysis through the Eyes of Seymour Martin Lipset” (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Gosia Parada. “Orientalism, Globalization and the Sex Trade in Asia and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study” (R. Smandych, supervisor)

Jeremy Patzer. “Aboriginal Rights to Traditional Livelihoods in Canada and Sweden: The Coercion of Modernity and the Nation-State” (G. Olsen, supervisor)

Nicholas Sasaki. “An Historical and Comparative Analysis of Hinduism and Buddhism Through the Lens of Ernest Becker” (C. Axelrod, supervisor)


Dustin Brad. “Perceptions of Inequality: A Comparison of the United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria” (G. Olsen, supervisor)

Val Friesen-Hiebert. “Canada and Sweden: The Well-Being of Children” (G. Olsen, supervisor)

Reagan Gordon. “Women's Poverty in Canada:  Exploring Causes and Remedies in Three Provinces” (G. Olsen, supervisor)

Keith Rawlings. “Education and the Welfare State: The ABC’s and 123's of Education Systems in Sweden, Germany and Canada” (G. Olsen, supervisor)

Stephen Smith. “Social Environment and PTSD: The Magnification of Stress and the Reservist Augmentee on Peacekeeping Missions” (R. Linden, supervisor)

Jayda Wiebe. “When ‘No’ is Not an Option: The Marital Rape Epidemic” (M. Kandrack, supervisor)

Shauna Wortman. “Welfare Regimes and Gender: Comparing Canada and Sweden on Gender Equality and Violence Against Women” (E. Comack, supervisor)


Janelle McLeod. "Will Canada Say 'I do'?:  A Comparative Study of Egalitarianism and the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in Canada, Denmark, and the Netherlands" (G. Olsen, supervisor)

Jillian Woloshyn“Approaches to Incarceration: A Comparative Study of Canada, New Zealand and The United States” (G. Olsen, supervisor)