Russell Smandych



PhD University of Toronto, 1989
MA Simon Fraser University, 1981
BA University of Saskatchewan, 1977


Undergraduate: Criminology (SOC 2510); Criminal Justice & Corrections (SOC 2610); Youth, Crime & Society (SOC 3830); Global Criminology & Criminal Justice (SOC 3880); Advanced Seminar in Criminology (SOC 4490)

Graduate: Seminar in Theoretical Criminology (SOC 7280); Selected Topics: Seminar in Global Criminology & Criminal Justice (SOC 7450)

Thesis Supervision

Recent Honours Students:

Paola Arabit - Criminology Honours Thesis on “Potentiality of Restorative justice in Canada? A Comparative Study Between Norwegian and Canadian Criminal Justice Systems” (2019)

Akayla Fiwchuk - Criminology Honours Thesis on “How Did They Get Away with It? US and UK Impunity for International Crimes Committed During the Iraq War” (2019)

Andrew Warkentin - Criminology Honours Thesis on “Youth Administration of Justice Charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act: Unmet Needs, Forced Recidivism, and Incarceration” (2019)

Danielle Friesen - Criminology Honours Thesis on “Youth in Trouble: Contradictions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act” (2017)

Chantel Nygaard - Criminology Honours Thesis on “Sex Cells: Understanding the HIV/AIDS Pandemic Amongst Female Sex Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa” (2017)

Bernard Zulu - Criminology Honours Thesis on "New Directions to Effectively Address the Problem of Hyperincarceration of Indigenous Populations of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand" (2016)

Brandy Falkevitch - Criminology Honours Thesis on "Black Widows of the Islamic State: Women's Involvement in Contemporary Terrorism" (2015)

Taurai Chimwanda - Criminology Honours Thesis on "A Comparative Study of Youth Justice Systems and Immigrant Youth Crime and Prevention" (2015)

Ololade Adeyemi - Criminology Honours Thesis on “Political Corruption in Post-colonial Nigeria: An Analysis of Causes and Proposed Solutions” (2014)

Mateja Carevic - Criminology Honours Thesis on “Constructing ‘Deviant’ Immigrant Youth: Media Framing and Policing in Canada, U.K. and Australia” (2014)

Oluwatosin Modupe Daodu - Sociology Honours Thesis on “Aboriginal Youth Gangs in Manitoba: Prevention and Evaluation” (2013)

Recent Masters Students:

Romulo Estevan Schembida De Oliveira - MA thesis on “Police and Market: The Creation of the Pacifying Police Units in Rio de Janeiro” (2018)

Worlanyo Dovoh - MA thesis on “The International Criminal Court and Africa: A Critical Analysis of Competing Views of the Success of the Court in Protecting Human Rights in African Countries” (2018)

Cynthia Dela Agotse - MA thesis on “Juvenile Justice in Africa: An Assessment of Adherence to International law on Preserving the Rights of Child Offenders” (2018)

Mateja Carevic - MA thesis on “Deconstructing Transitional Justice in Croatia: Understanding Peace-building Developments in the Context of Conflicting Discourses and Competing Truths” (2017)

Joseph Asomah - MA thesis on "The Rise of Global Private Policing in Africa: Real Need or Imperialist Project?" (2015)

Shahrokh Rezania - MA thesis on "Refugee Fathers in a New Country: The Challenges of Cultural Adjustment and Raising Children in Winnipeg, Canada" (2015)


Current Research Interests:
Canadian and comparative youth justice issues and reform; cross-jurisdictional youth justice policy transfer; topics in global criminology and criminal justice; law and Indigenous peoples; Canadian and comparative common-law legal history.

Recently Completed and Current Research Projects:
The benefits of systematic cross-jurisdictional research on youth justice system reform; Canadian youth justice reform and outcomes of the implementation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act; settler colonialism and the legal subjugation of Indigenous peoples in nineteenth century Australia and western Canada; collaborative research on topics related to the changing landscape of crime and (in)security in Nigeria in the wake of Boko Haram; ongoing biographical research on the life and career of Sir James Stephen, Jr., legal counsel and Permanent Under-Secretary in the British Colonial Office from 1813 to 1847.


Recent books:

Nettelbeck, Amanda, Russell Smandych, Louis A. Knafla and Robert Foster.
2016 Fragile Settlements: Aboriginal Peoples, Law and Resistance in Southwest Australia and Prairie Canada. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

Winterdyk, John and Russell Smandych, eds.
2016 Youth at Risk and Youth Justice: A Canadian Overview. 2nd Edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Recent book chapters, journal articles, and reviews:

Smandych, Russell and Raymond R. Corrado.
2018 “‘Too Bad, So Sad’: Observations on Key Outstanding Policy Challenges of Twenty Years of Youth Justice Reform in Canada, 1995-2015.” Manitoba Law Journal 41 (3): 191-240.

Smandych, Russell.
2017 “Review of Dale Gibson, Law, Life and Government at Red River, Volume 1, Settlement and Governance, 1812-1872 (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2015).” American Journal of Legal History 57 (3): 387-389.

Smandych, Russell.
2016 “From ‘Misguided Children’ to ‘Criminal Youth’: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Trends in Canadian Youth Justice.” Pp. 4-29 in J. Winterdyk and R. Smandych (Eds.) Youth at Risk and Youth Justice: A Canadian Overview. 2nd Edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Smandych, Russell, Murray Dyck, Corey La Berge and Jodi Koffman.
2016 "Youth Justice in Manitoba: Developments and Issues under the YCJA."  Pp. 86-124 in M. Alain, S. Reid and R. Corrado (Eds.) Implementing and Working with the Youth Criminal Justice Act across Canada.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Smandych, Russell.
2013 “Colonialism, Settler Colonialism, and Law: Settler Revolutions and the Dispossession of Indigenous Peoples through Law in the Long Nineteenth Century.” Settler Colonial Studies 3 (1): 79-98.

Smandych, Russell
2010 “Mapping Imperial Legal Connections: Toward a Comparative Historical Sociology of Colonial Law.” Adelaide Law Review 31: 187-228.

Smandych, Russell and Rodney Kueneman
2010 “The Canadian-Alberta Tar Sands: A Case Study of State-Corporate Environmental Crime.” Pp. 87-109 in Global Environmental Harm: Criminological Perspectives. Edited by R. White. Cullompton: Willan Publishing.

Nettelbeck, Amanda and Russell Smandych
2010 “Policing Indigenous Peoples on Two Colonial Frontiers: Australia’s Mounted Police and Canada’s North West Mounted Police.” Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 43 (2): 356-375.

Hutchinson, Terry, Gosia Parada and Russell Smandych
2009 “Show me a bad kid and I’ll show you a lousy parent’: Making Parents Responsible for Youth Crime in Australian and Canadian Contexts.” Australasian Canadian Studies 26 (2): 49-86.

last updated: May 2019