Mara Fridell, Ph.D.




Ph.D. in Sociology, 2007, University of Oregon.





Global Sociology
Comparative Political Sociology & Social Movements
Comparative Migration & Citizenship
Political Economy of Gender



Thesis Supervision


Keelin Griffin. 2015. "Neoliberalism and the People's Home: The Erosion of Social Citizenship in Welfare Policy."




Gobal Sociology: Comparative Immigration, Labour Market and Gender Politics and Policy; Fair Trade (with M. Hudson & I. Hudson)

Social Theory: Marx & Historical-materialism, Materialism; Socialist Feminism; Value, Reproduction, Uneven Development and Primitive Accumulation; Social Citizenship & Social Democratic Theory; Citizenship, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Liberalism & Conservatism

Comparative Political Sociology & Social Movements, including Immigration, Labour Market and Gender Politics and Policy in Sweden, Austria, the US and Canada; the Fair Trade Movement and the Corporate Response (with M. Hudson & I. Hudson); Nuclear Waste Siting in Minnesota; US Financial Deregulation Politics in the Early 20th Century (with M. Hudson); Neoliberal Education Reform; and Late 20th Century Tax Politics in Oregon (with S. Morgen & P. Yamin)

Political Economy and Community Economic Development (with I. Hudson, M. Hudson and community partners)

Inequality and the Social Determinants of Health

Complex Systems, Contradiction, Emergent Properties & Phase Transition


Research methodologies: Comparative Research, Government Documents Research, Content Analysis, Interview, Participant-observation, Community-based Participatory Research, Quantitative analysis.





Fridell, M. and L. Turnbull. 2014. “Resilient Feminism: Social Movement Strategy in a Conservative Regnum.” Pp. 243-255 in Counting on Marilyn Waring, edited by Margunn Bjornholt and Alisa McKay. Ontario: Demeter Press.


Fridell, M. 2014. “A Review of Mark Blyth’s ‘Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea.’” Labour/Le Travail 74 Fall, 2014.


Masuda, J., C. Teelucksingh, B. Poland, M. Fridell, et al. 2014. “Out of our inner city backyards: re-scaling urban environmental health inequity assessment.” Social Science Medicine 75(7):1244-53.


Hudson, I., M. Hudson, and M. Fridell. 2013. Fair Trade, Sustainability and Social Justice. Accepted (2011) at Kelowna, BC, Canada: UBC Press. Published with Palgrave Macmillan (Basingstoke, UK).


Fridell, M., I. Hudson, and M. Hudson. 2008. “With Friends Like These…: The Corporate Response to Fair Trade Coffee.” Review of Radical Political Economics, 40 (1).



Public Sociology


Hudson, M. & M. Fridell. 2015. Public talk, Fair Trade, Sustainability and Social Change, University of Mankato, MN, March 17, 2015.


Fridell, M. 2014. “Multiphasic Capital: Piketty with a Sociological Lens.” Presenter and discussant at Capital in the 21st Century: The University of Manitoba Symposium, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, November 7.


Turnbull, L. & M. Fridell. 2014. Presentation, “Resilient Feminism.” The UNPAC AGM & Final Report to the Community, Winnipeg, June 17.


As Chair of the SEED Winnipeg Research Committee, Dr. Fridell works with the community economic development (CED) organization on mapping potential collaborative research projects, including researching the environment for thriving CED, and the existing, potential for and barriers to network articulations between the CED community and Winnipeg’s urban planning community and university accounting and legal programs.


Fridell, M. 2012. Organizer and presenter, Community-based Research Findings on the Social and Environmental Determinants of Respiration Health in Urban and Rural Manitoba Communities, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, April 17.


Fridell, M. 2011. Organizer, Popular Economic Literacy and Gender-based Budgeting Initiatives: Challenges, Models and Opportunities, featuring guest speaker economist Diane Elson, and collaborating university programs and civil society organizations. University of Winnipeg, October 17.


Fridell, M. and M. Hudson. 2010. Contributed to The Winnipeg Alternative Budget 2010, including the “Municipal and Regional Planning” section. Winnipeg: CCPA.


Fridell, M. 2010. Organizer, in collaboration with university programs and civil society organizations, of the Jolom Maya’etik women’s fair trade cooperative series.


updated: January 2015