Daniel Albas


Ph.D.,  University of Colorado

B.A., University of Alberta

Courses Currently Taught:

Social Psychology, Introduction to Sociology

Areas of Specialization:

Social Psychology, Nonverbal Communication, Sociology of Education

Dr. Albas is Professor of Sociology at the University of Manitoba.  He teaches courses in the area of Social Psychology and always enjoys teaching the Introduction to Sociology course.  He has received the Olive Beatrice Stanton Award for Excellence in Teaching, The University of Manitoba Outreach Award, The University of Manitoba Merit Award and a Certificate of Teaching Excellence/University of Manitoba Students Union and University Teaching Service.


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Albas, D and C. Albas
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Albas, C. and D. Albas
2003           “Motives.” In L.T. Reynolds and N.J. Herman (eds.) Handbook of Symbolic
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Albas, D. and C. Albas
2000           “Tertius Dolens: The student experience of the University of Manitoba Faculty
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Recent Keynote and Invited Addresses:

2008 (May)   “Studying students studying.” Ethnographics Revisited: Reflections, Lessons, and
                     Conceptual implications. Couch-Stone Symposium, University of Illinois, Urbana

2007              Keynote Lecture and workshop (with C. Albas) Second Annual Qualitative
                     Research & Analysis Workshop, Nov 2-3, St.Thomas University, Fredericton, N.B.

2006             Distinguished Guest Speaker (with Professor C. Albas) - Symbolic Interaction
                     and Ethnographic Research Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario

2006             May “Disclaimer mannerisms: Strategies of self defense.” Studying Everyday Life:
                     Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario

2005 (April)  “Student Life and Exams.” (1984) Special Invited Presentation “Ethnographies
                     Revisited I” Symbolic Interactionist Mini-Conference/ North Central Sociological
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.