Pre-Master's Program

Entrance Requirements

Applications will be considered from B.A. and B.A. Honours graduates with a strong background in Religion who require additional study to bring their background up to the level necessary for admission to the Joint Master’s Program in Religion.

Pre-MA Program Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Pre-MA in Religion would typically have a B. A. degree with a number of courses in Religion, but not enough to make up the 60 Credit Hours required for admission to the Joint Masters Program (JMP). Some applicants to the Pre-MA, while they have a strong background in Religion, do not have the required 24 Credit Hours of upper level (4000) course credits, and/or they do not have the range (A, B, and C areas) of study required for admission to the JMP in Religion. The Pre-MA is a one-year program through which students can bring their course preparation up to the level required for admission to the JMP. Each Pre-MA program of study is individually established by the Chair of the JDC, in consultation with the Department Head (UM or UW).

NOTE:  Students who complete the Pre-MA program are not automatically registered in the Joint Masters Program.  Standard application procedures apply. Similarly, completion of the Pre-MA program does not guarantee admission to the Joint Masters Program. 

Financial Aid

Normally, Pre-MA students are not eligible for graduate fellowships or teaching assistantships.

Students enrolled in the Pre-MA Program in Religion may qualify for the Marguerite Clara Jerome Scholarship.  (The student with the highest cumulative grade point average will be nominated to receive this departmental award.)

For information on financial aid, please contact:

Office of Financial Aid and Awards
422 University Centre
The University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2