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Program Overview

The Clinical Psychology Training Program follows the doctoral level, scientist-practitioner model. We believe this model lends itself most readily to the training of clinical psychologists prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of clinical service, research, education, and administration. Therefore, students are given a solid grounding in both the science of psychology and clinical practice. There is an early and continuous integration of science with service, theory with practice, and research training with clinical training. Graduates are competent to apply psychological theories in conceptualizing individual and interpersonal problems and to develop effective interventions. They evaluate their professional activities via acceptable scientific procedures. In addition, graduates are expected to adhere rigorously to ethical and professional standards in providing psychological services. They accept responsibility for teaching others, for reporting their views and findings to colleagues, and for making creative contributions to their chosen specialty areas within clinical psychology. Finally, graduates possess the talents, values, and commitment to play significant roles in the amelioration of contemporary social problems.